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The Trust Factor

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The Trust Factor

Believe in your body’s ability to heal.
Dr. Fabrizio  Mancini
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini More by this author
Sep 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM

“The more you believe you are going to benefit from something— and you trust in it—the more likely it is that you will experience a benefit.”

Years of research and practical application have proven why this trust factor may activate the body's self-healing capacities or interact in some way with drugs or other interventions. Some scientists say a person's trust in a therapy causes the body to produce endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. These ease pain and reduce discomfort. In other words, believing in the healing can literally make it happen.

If you believe that a treatment will work, whether it's an adjustment, an organic  food or a pill, your positive expectations make that treatment more  effective.

Belief opens up the process.

There are three levels to trust: Trust in your treatment. Trust in your healer. Trust in your body's ability to self-heal. Each is extremely powerful in outcome.
This premise was tested in one study of 30 people who underwent relaxation training to help lower their blood pressure. Half of the group were told their blood pressure would begin to go down immediately following the first session, and the other half were told that their blood pressure response would be delayed until at least after the third session. The patients who expected an immediate response showed a seven times greater reduction in blood pressure when compared to those who were led to expect a delayed response.

Here are 6 tips for building your trust in healing:

  1. Analyze and confirm your relationships with your health-care practitioners.
  2. Become an active participant in your care physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  3. Explore your potential health-care provider, but also choose the best that both  traditional and alternative medicines have to offer.
  4. Believe that there are healing powers within you that can be tapped. After all, the only thing that heals the body is the body.
  5. Meditate. Create quiet time.
  6. Do affirmations every day to reinforce your trust in all three areas: I trust my treatment. I trust in my caregivers.I trust in my body's ability to heal.
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Dr. Fabrizio  Mancini
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, is an internationally acclaimed bi-lingual speaker, author, educator, philanthropist, and president of one of the leading Universities in the world. Continue reading