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The World We Can’t See

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The World We Can’t See

Cultivating trust to open new dimensions.
Peggy  Rometo
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Sep 26, 2010 at 10:00 AM

We live between two worlds: the visible world of everyday life, where we need to eat, sleep, work, count calories, and brush our teeth, and another world that we cannot see but can learn to perceive in other ways. Most people think of the first one as the “real” world and the second as the mysterious “other side.” Some people see it the other way around—the invisible world is the real one, and everyday life is the escape. And then there are those who don’t believe the “other” world exists at all.

As an intuitive healer, psychic medium, and Reiki master, I work closely with the world we can’t see. I believe that we not only exist in this physical dimension, called earth, but simultaneously interact in many other spiritual dimensions of reality. And I know that we are always connected to and receiving information from these other dimensions, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. For example, I receive information from sources I call “the guides” to understand what is happening in my clients’ lives and create the meditations and other tools I use in my healing. I can also gain insight into a past lifetime that illuminates what’s going on in this one. But it’s important for you to know that if this does not fit with your worldview, you can still use the tools in my newest work, The Little Book of Big Promises. You don’t have to take the information you get from other dimensions literally; you can think of it as a good story that may shed a new light on your life.

When I decided to write this book, I struggled for a long time, wondering what it was supposed to look like, whether or not I was qualified to write it, and who was going to help me. Finally, in a moment of frustration, I said, “I give up!” I stopped obsessing about the specifics—the actual writing, the particular people involved—and focused instead on thinking about what kind of book I wanted it to be, the impact I wanted it to have for people, and the kinds of people who might assist me in accomplishing it. Then I simply let go. I figured that if the Creator wanted it to happen, it would happen. I literally put the first draft of the manuscript on a shelf and forgot about it.

Weeks later, I was in the middle of a session when I suddenly felt compelled to ask my client what she did for a living. We had been working together for years, but for some reason I couldn’t recall her profession. She nonchalantly announced that she was a literary agent. Then she said, “Why, do you have a book?”

I was stunned. It had happened so quickly, and it was so easy! My client had all the criteria I had asked for when I thought about the kinds of helpers I needed. She represented me, of course, and ultimately connected me with my dream publisher, Hay House, the publisher of this book.

Writing this book and getting it into your hands was an important promise for me to fulfill, but I couldn’t do it by pushing. I could only do it by letting go and trusting—trusting that my intuition was right, that I would get the help I needed, and that things would unfold as they should. Much of what you learn in this book will involve this very same kind of trust.

We throw the word trust around easily, but think for a moment how valuable trust is. If we could bottle it, we’d make millions overnight. If you knew unequivocally that you could trust your boyfriend forever and ever, you’d say yes and marry him. If you knew you could trust your boss, you’d give her your ideas, knowing that she wouldn’t steal them from you and take the glory. If you knew you could trust your safety, you’d go out for that midnight run and enjoy the fresh air and moonlight knowing that no harm would come to you. But trust doesn’t come in a bottle; we have to cultivate it for ourselves.

I want to cultivate a certain type of trust, not one that is bestowed upon you because you’ve earned it, and not one that involves blind faith, but one based on discernment: a sense or knowing that you have intuitively felt and followed by being open, aware, and patient. By implementing certain tools in your life and watching the process unfold, you will get your answer—not because I told you, or because the “guys upstairs” I work with told you, but because it feels right and true for you. This is your opportunity to find that trust within yourself. Once you do, doors open, the earth moves, and you discover the promises of your destiny.

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Peggy  Rometo
Peggy Rometo is a gifted intuitive healer, psychic medium, and Reiki master who counsels people around the world through her writing workshops, recordings, and personal sessions. She advises her clients, who range from Fortune 500 executives to world Continue reading