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<i>This Is It!</i>

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This Is It!

Louise Hay
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Mar 26, 2010 at 02:15 AM 0 comments

I saw the new Michael Jackson film, This Is It. It’s a phenomenal movie—two wonderful hours of top notch showmanship. If you get a chance, go see it. It’s the rehearsal footage from the concert tour that Michael was going to do around the world.

When I watched it, I remember Michael saying, “I want to take people to a place they’ve never been before.”  I thought about how this is what we want to do here at Hay House. We want to take you to a place in consciousness that you have never been before. We want to open new vistas, new scenes, and new ideas so each of you can say: I Can Do It and mean it!

We publish new books, create new Websites and host new events because we want to give you a banquet for your mind. And we want to teach you how to do this for yourself.

It’s like you when you go to the gym and try to reshape your body. The trainer can’t do it for you. But the trainer can give you ideas and show you what to do. You have to do the reps. And if you do, your body will change for the better.

It’s the same with consciousness. If you do the reps—which I call affirmations—you will make positive changes in your world. How do you do an affirmation? Start with yourself: Say: I love myself and I am worthy of all the best in Life! If you say this over and over again, you will start to hear what is negative in your own consciousness and your life will start to change.

When I used to do counseling, in the beginning I’d help my clients with their problems. I’d help you fix your finances and I’d help you fix your relationships and I’d help you fix your body. Then one day I discovered that if I could teach you to love yourself, we didn’t have to fix anything. The Universe took care of it. You changed the messages you were giving out to the Universe and the Universe responded to you—differently, positively.

So, do your reps. Do what’s important to you. Keep saying: I love myself and I am worthy of all the best in Life! And enjoy the banquet.


See you soon,


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