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Three Cheers for Empowerment

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Three Cheers for Empowerment

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Aug 04, 2013 at 11:45 AM 0 comments

Brace yourself—the biggest cheerleader for the Hay House World Summit is back again this month. Okay, you may be getting tired of me babbling on ad nauseum about this collection of rich and inspiring interviews. But as a proud member of the cheering squad, I must shake my positive pompoms in your space one more time because this content is really that good.

Are there a few drops of room left in your well?

I know. It’s the age of information bombardment and you’re getting empowering content thrown at you in all shapes, sizes and forms. It’s everywhere—in books still sitting on your shelves, in e-letters you haven’t opened yet, in social media posts you haven’t had time to keep up with, in downloads sitting in your Hay House account waiting to be clicked on, on USBs from past I Can Do It! shows that are still in your suitcase, and so on.

Sometimes it’s like you’re in one of those batting cages and the balls keep coming at you faster and faster. They are all opportunities for a home run, but there are too many for you to take a swing at. So you trust your instincts and go after one or two that you think you can connect with.

Since you’re here, let me toss you a couple of gems to play with…

10 More Life Lessons from Your Favorite Hay House World Summit Authors

1.    There are two ways to master your spiritual path: 1. Do what brings you life. 2. Quit doing what deadens you. (Alan Cohen)

2.    Each day when you wake up, say: What miracles would you have me perform today? Then just listen. (Gabrielle Bernstein)

3.    I looked for God everywhere until I finally realized that God resided within me. (Suze Orman)

4.    Eat calming grains at night like quinoa. They will help you sleep. (Donna Gates)

5.    The angels will always help you. All you have to do is ask them. (Doreen Virtue)

6.    Ten minutes of hearty laughter is equivalent to 30 minutes of cardio exercise. (Dr. Fabrizio Mancini)

7.    Look at the foods you crave the most. They may be the cause of your inflammation. (Julie Daniluk)

8.    Live with what you love. (Terah Kathryn Collins)

9.     Three very expressive “F**k Its” equals 17 minutes of meditation! (John C. Parkin

10.    The biggest lesson of all is that there is something moving the checkers around. (Wayne Dyer)

Do you have a life lesson to share from your experience with the 2013 World Summit or any other event, book, online course or experience with one of our Hay House authors? Share them below in the Comments and we’ll send you a Free Hug.

Thanks for listening!

Donna Abate

Website Manager

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