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Three Powerful Sisters

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Three Powerful Sisters

Chinese Medicine, I Ching and Feng Shui
Terah Kathryn Collins
Terah Kathryn Collins More by this author
Jun 01, 2010 at 10:00 AM

When it comes to an experiential adventure, the Three Sisters of the Tao are forces to be reckoned with. They’ve taken to heart my desire to live in enduring harmony and led me down the Class-5 rapids of transformation. As expert guides, they’re calm, highly skilled way-showers who continue to teach me how to navigate through the uncertainties of life using the inner compass of the heart.

Translated as “the Way,” the Tao chronicles the path of harmony. As Sisters, Chinese Medicine, I Ching, and Feng Shui are born from the Tao, their legacies tracing back as far as the historical eye can see. There’s a timeless quality about their message that’s easy to recognize. We can feel it. The Tao, the Way, is permeated with love.

I feel that each Sister offers her own perspective. Chinese Medicine places tranquility at the very core of the Way. She’s poetic in her observations, viewing the body as a temple of miracles where the tranquil heart is the bedchamber of Heaven and Earth and the home of the true self. She counsels us to embrace a balanced lifestyle where work, play, and rest form a trinity from which our full potential can blossom. Many inner gateways open in her healing presence, invitations to embody myriad facets of our selves as imaginative, sensual, luminous human beings.

I Ching views kindness as the heart of the matter. She’s fierce in her direction, lest we sink in the dark waters of heartlessness. She tutors us in weaving kindness into every thought, word, and action, a practice that circles around to sow all manner of blessings into our lives. She’s also a revealer, unveiling the nonphysical world of loving help devoted to our ever-unfolding transformations.

Feng Shui gathers the wisdom of her Sisters and brings it home. She encourages us to personally craft environmental sanctuaries that can hold our true selves in place. A great enthusiast of comfort, safety, and beauty, she’s always looking for ways to give kindness and imagination shelter. Through her influence, our inner and outer worlds become harmonious reflections of each other, resonant chords in a living symphony of sacred space within the greater matrix of community.

In the world of the Three Sisters of the Tao, all hearts are cherished. As the abode of your true self, your inner compass, and your personal link with Nature and the Cosmos, your heart is the center of your humanity. With a loving-kindness you may not yet know . . .

The Three Sisters of the Tao
Reach out to touch you
This time to wake you
Gently so you remember
Your heart is where your home is . . .

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