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Three Steps to Live Your Truth and Unleash Your Magic

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Three Steps to Live Your Truth and Unleash Your Magic

Start Living Your Best Life Today With These Tips From Calista
Jun 06, 2018 at 03:30 AM

If I were to ask you, ‘How would you rate your life?’, what would you say? Do you feel you have a good life? Or do you feel you deserve more? If you’re not living in deliberate creation with your soul, aka your inner conscience, you’ve only scratched the surface of what life can bring. For ‘embodying a divine human being’, as unicorns put it, colours life like a brilliant rainbow and can make your dreams your everyday experience. And it all begins with you!

By learning how to tune in and express your soul, life becomes magical. For magic isn’t what you do, it’s who you are. You were born with the power of Creation within you and that force never sleeps, never judges and always loves you and holds you in the highest Light.

How do you align with this grace?


Unicorns are your best allies in this process. They can escort you from a ‘good life’ to an extraordinary existence. And this bliss doesn’t have to be fleeting – it can be a consistent joy. All it takes is choosing to feel worthy enough to rise in your life and to keep soaring as you express your soul’s Truth and take your life way beyond what it’s been before.

The unicorns – who’ve now returned to our awareness to help us ascend – are offering three stellar ways to help you live your Truth and unleash your Magic. For now, beautiful soul, is the time to rise and shine…

Step 1 – Accept Yourself as Creator of Your Life

When our mind is open, we can create worlds – and not just a new reality we wish personally to live, but become the key to building a new Earth for everyone to enjoy.

This is the power we all possess. We may not always believe or feel this, but this infinite Grace lives within us, as us.

Step 2 – Accept that Magic is Real

By consciously asking the unicorns for help in our everyday life, we bring heaven to Earth and begin to create the world of magic and miracles.

Manifestations become faster and more synchronised. The environment in our home, work space and in nature feels lighter. And we begin to experience a tangible sense of bliss, even doing what would otherwise feel mundane.

Step 3 – Stand Up and Be Seen

Let yourself live outside the familiar.

By being daring and bold enough to try something new (at least every week), we are letting our innate Truth shine out into the world.

Whether you’re drawn to learn a new skill, face a fear or connect with someone that you’ve been putting off, just do it! Let yourself be led by your adventurous heart while your mind rests on the sidelines. Stretch life beyond the design you’ve created and deep dive into a new way of being that inspires everyone and everything to break free and expand anew.

Join Calista at the Angel World Summit in Bristol, UK on 30th June to learn more ways to live your Truth and unleash your Magic in partnership with the unicorns and the female archangels.

Bonus video from Calista - the benefits of working with unicorns!


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Calista is an ascension-based author and speaker who has dedicated her life to helping others rise and shine, inspiring souls through her founding therapy systems: Unicorn Healing®, Angel Healing® and Atlantean Crystal Healing™. From navigating th Continue reading