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Three Ways To Purify And Power Up Your Life This Imbolc

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Three Ways To Purify And Power Up Your Life This Imbolc

Michelle Pilley shares three ways of marking the traditional Celtic fire festival
Michelle Pilley
Michelle Pilley More by this author
Feb 01, 2016 at 04:00 AM

I love Imbolc – the Celtic fire festival celebrated on 1st February, which the Christians named Candlemas and turned into a celebration of the Virgin to tone down the wild Roman festival of Lupercalia (held a few weeks later in honour of the she-wolf who was the mother of Romulus and Remus). But for the Celts, Imbolc is Brigid’s, or Bridie’s, Day and this sacred Goddess is certainly not a chaste virginal figure – she is seen as a strong Goddess of Fire, who was skilled as a blacksmith. She forged metal but also births art, poetry and healing in her fires. She is known as a great midwife and Goddess of the Hearth-fire.  

A traditional Brighid’s cross​, which are made to mark Imbolc

You don’t see a great deal written about Imbolc but it’s such an important time of year. Besides being a time of warming and melting snows, Imbolc is a period of mental and physical cleansing and spiritual renewal. 

This is such a powerful time to purify yourself. Spring is approaching, flowers are appearing out of dark soil that has been dormant over the winter, and it is like that with our lives too. So many of us rush to make resolutions or step into cleanses straight after Christmas, but from the perspective of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, this timing is unnatural. Winter is for reflection and deep dreaming. Our bodies need to rest and our new dreams and intentions are gestating, ready to be birthed in the Spring. Imbolc is that time when we start to emerge from the depths of Winter and the delicious darkness of hibernation, to release the darkness and cleanse ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

This is going to be the time when your detox works; when decluttering your home comes so much more easily and you feel the power within yourself to make intentions. Now you can begin to be bold and adventurous. So if your good intentions to purify your diet, do more exercise or meditate more deserted you by the middle of January, start afresh now.

1. Cleanse, release and renew

Wash anything that needs washing, for example curtains or rugs. Mend anything that is broken and recycle any clothes, books or items that you no longer need. Declutter both your home and work environments. Go through all the cupboards and nooks and crannies where things are stuffed away. Let go of anything that holds you in a limiting behaviour pattern and the negative thoughts and words that are holding you back from being the living expression of your essence.

2. Purify

Cleanse your home by smudging with sage and other herbs like cedar, burning copal or using a water bottle spray with some drops of a really pure lavender or white thyme essential oil. After cleansing, use a herb or oil to bless your home, such as sweet grass or your favourite incense. Think about which body detox you might like to do – consider eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten or your own personal physical nemesis. Check out cleansing baths using Epsom salts or essential oils. 


3. Fire Up 

Fire is sacred to Brigid so buy yourself a lovely new candle. White is traditional at Imbolc, or you could use red for Brigid. Sit with your candle, meditating gently on the pure flame, feel your own inner fire – the flame of your Spirit that burns brightly within you. Feel the purity of your Spirit, your power and life force surging within you. Allow yourself space to think about new projects, creative ideas and fresh intentions that have emerged out of the deep dreaming of Winter. These may be very different to the intentions you set at the beginning of January – just allow this new energy to emerge and take form. Write down the ideas and intentions that come to you and give thanks in the knowledge that you will have the power and energy to manifest these intentions in beauty. 

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