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Three Ways To Release The Winter And Embody A New Cycle Of Growth This Spring

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Three Ways To Release The Winter And Embody A New Cycle Of Growth This Spring

Shake, Listen and Embody your Dreams with a little Movement Medicine
Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Ya'Acov Darling Khan More by this author
Feb 10, 2016 at 03:15 AM

I often think of gardening as a great metaphor for bringing our visions down to earth and into our day-to-day lives. There is no better time for focusing on what we wish to create this year than right now, as the first light of spring begins to bring fertility back to the earth.

In our fast-moving world, in which the body is often seen as not much more than a taken-for-granted vehicle to carry our heads from one meeting to another, our sensitivity to the subtle changes in our physical being as the wheel of the year turns is usually dulled.

Many studies have been done to illuminate how interoception (an accurate perception of what is happening inside us on a physical level) is the basis of our capacity to accurately perceive others and have empathy for them. Those of us who take the time to enquire into who and how we are right now, through a wide variety of meditations and practices, are often accused of navel-gazing or wasting time. It turns out that without practices of this kind, we quickly lose our ability to connect to self, other and environment.

So, as the first light of spring shines in through winter’s veil, how can we tune in to what we have been dreaming into being during the winter?

  1. Shake: In order to listen deeply, we need to quieten our mind. The best way I have found to do this in more than 30 years of study and practice is what is known amongst many indigenous traditions as ‘shaking medicine’. Shaking medicine means first warming up the body and then allowing the body to shake out all its unnecessary tension, or in this case, shake out any inertia you have picked up during the winter. If you’re not used to moving in this way, you could follow our instructional CD called Movement Medicine Vol.1 in which you’ll be safely and imaginatively guided by voice and music on a journey through the elements. 

  2. Listen: Once you’ve given the kinaesthetic intelligence of the body a chance to lead you, your emotional intelligence (or what really matters most to you), becomes much more accessible. In the quietness that follows the storm of a good shake out, your heart is awakened and you become like the chalice of Holy Grail fame, able to receive inspiration from the deep well that the dance opens us up to. Listen deeply, be patient, and remember again what you have dedicated your life to bringing into being.

  3. Embody: Now is the time to plant the seeds of what you are choosing to grow in the garden of your life this spring. In Movement Medicine practice, we talk about embodying our dreams. What this means is to take the time to imagine that the intelligence of life is really listening to you. Shape your body as if it were a sculpture that communicated the essence of your realised dream. Give it breath, movement, and with full commitment and maximum emotion, speak and move as your realised dream. For instance, ‘I am in excellent health, and my creative juices are in full flow as I continue to be who I am and give what I came here to give.’ Simple repetitive movements and strong emotion, alongside a clear visualisation of your realised dream is a potent blend and will send out your intention loud and clear to the creative force of this universe.

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Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Ya'Acov Darling Khan has studied with healers and shamans from the Amazon to the Arctic Circle, including an eighteen-year apprenticeship with Gabrielle Roth. His background is in Visual Communications, Youth Work and Peace Action. He ha Continue reading