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Tips To Help You Get Your Dream Job

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Tips To Help You Get Your Dream Job

What are you willing to risk for a new career?
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Nov 04, 2013 at 09:00 AM

One of the top questions I’m asked is whether someone’s dream will be successful or not. Usually people will tell me that they have a dream career, and they wonder whether it’s safe to make the change from their current job and move forward in the direction they desire.

As an example, people will often ask me if they’re a healer. What they really mean by that question is: “Could I be successful as a professional healer?” They know they’re a healer because they’ve had many experiences where their healing energy has helped someone. But what they don’t know for certain is whether they could make it a full-time occupation.

Finding Your Life Purpose 

When someone asks me this question, of course I can give him or her a reading. I can see the energy around everyone and how it relates to their ideal career and life purpose. This is something I’ve been doing with my friends since I was a kid.

While I’m certainly happy to do career and life-purpose readings, what I’d prefer is for people to become their own authority figures. Because what troubles me during these readings is the feeling that the person is giving his or her power away to me. So I always do my best to empower the person whom I’m reading.

We’re raised to be disempowered, unfortunately. In school, we’re taught that we must raise our hands in order to go to the bathroom, which is a basic and necessary bodily function. We’re taught that we have to raise our hands before we can speak, when speaking is another natural function.

Yes, these rules create social parameters and order. But the unfortunate result is that we learn to squelch our natural impulses and instincts. We become overly compliant.

We also learn to rely upon other people giving us permission to do what we want or need to do. This sets up a very unhealthy chain of events. And it leads to people second-guessing themselves as adults.

So if a very talented healer comes to me and she isn’t doing healing work because she’s second-guessing herself, I consider this a tragedy. Think about how many lives she could have touched and healed if she’d just followed her inner guidance when it first arose.

 Stop Playing Life Safe!

Every successful person has to take risks in order for his or her dreams to come true. These risks are both physical and emotional.

A retailer has to risk money by opening up a new store. An author has to risk rejection and loss of time, with many hours spent writing and submitting material to publishers. An artist risks humiliation if others don’t appreciate his artwork. And activists risk being labeled as conspiracy theorists, negative, or paranoid because they’re speaking out about social issues.

Playing it safe in life gets you nowhere. Playing by the rules doesn’t give you an A+ in life. There’s no one in the sky with a clipboard judging each of your actions.

Yes, there are actions that can bring more love to the world or more pain. And as Earth Angels, we have missions to bring more love into the world and to avoid bringing pain to others.

When people ask me whether their dream career would be successful, what they really mean is: “Can I pay my bills doing what I love?” And here’s the truthful answer, based upon my many decades of studying what makes someone successful in terms of worldly success and emotional success (that is, happiness):

The truth about any dream is that virtually everything is accessible and attainable for everyone. There really are no blocks. Ninety-nine percent of blocks that you experience are coming from your own fears. And those fears are projections that you place onto your path by worrying about the future.

When we worry: Could this happen? or Could that happen? we are planting the seeds of those feared situations coming about. We always meet our future worries upon the path.

The Secret to Success?

Anything that you dream of and are willing to work toward will succeed. Anything that you’re willing to take risks for will go well.

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