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Too Much Multi-Tasking?

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Too Much Multi-Tasking?

3 ways to feel new again.
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Sep 02, 2012 at 10:00 AM

With all of the 21st Century’s modern technologies and advances, we have evolved into a society of expert multi-taskers with a much higher level of productivity in a day’s work than our ancestors before us. While it’s amazing and awesome that today’s society can accomplish so much more in just a day’s time, we seem to have forgotten some of the simplest and important ways we can heal ourselves daily. Our ancestors knew these fundamental tips and abided by them.

Now you, too, can embrace your own self-healing by adding or renewing these 3 basic tips in your life:

1.  Get More Sleep!

Years ago, before the digital age of alarm clocks and wake-up calls, our ancestors listened to their body’s physiology and went to sleep when the sun set and woke up when the sun rose. While that schedule may not make sense to us today, there are valleys and peaks in our sleep patterns. You will find that your body will perform at its best if you get to sleep before ten in the evening and wake up before eight in the morning. Have you ever noticed how on vacation when you ditch the alarm clock and go to sleep at a decent hour, you wake up when your body naturally tells you to and you feel so much better throughout the day? Sleep has powerful benefits and can make or break your entire day.

Often, you ignore when your body tells you to go to sleep and you push against it to stay up late on deadlines or hang out on the internet. This late night activity – particularly anything involving TV or computer– is especially prone to affect your ability to get to sleep when you do finally hit the sack. Do yourself a favor and make it a point to give yourself a full hour of no electronic activity before bed. Give your brain a rest from the moving images and let it prep itself to settle down and get to sleep. Try taking a nice warm bath or reading a book during that time instead.

Any time getting enough sleep is an issue, try a power nap during the day. Just 10-20 minutes of quiet naptime, in, for example, your car (a super place for a quick nap!) can do wonders to refresh your body and mind, and you will be much more recharged and ready to complete your busy day!

2.  Embrace the Sun!

We have become so scared of the sun due to our increased awareness of skin cancer risks that most people today are missing out on sunshine’s true benefits. When we aren’t lathering up with heavy SPF sunscreen, we are likely spending our time indoors at a desk.  Not quite like our ancestors working in the fields before us!

While it is true that skin cancer is serious, most people have over corrected and now do not get enough sunlight. Sunlight supplies Vitamin D which is very important for your overall health. You need Vitamin D to produce the serotonin that puts you in a good mood. Vitamin D also helps fight depression, boosts your chances of preventing the common cold or flu, keeps your arteries from hardening, lowers your risk of heart attack, improves weight loss efforts, even help prevent cancer! I’m not suggesting you go outside at mid-day and burn. I am recommending you try to get a few minutes a day of early morning sun or late afternoon, just before sunset on as much exposed bare skin as possible. Even 5 or 10 minutes daily is enough to improve your overall health and mood!

If you live in a location that does not get a lot of natural sunlight, you might consider getting a light box. They sell light boxes at most pharmacies or on the internet. Use the light box when you are working at your desk (you don’t have to miss any work productivity for this benefit!) or when you are reading a book and relaxing. You can also try adding supplemental Vitamin D3 pills to your diet; consult your health practitioner for the appropriate dosage.

3.  Meditate!

With today’s increased workload and responsibilities coupled with our constant connection to one another via smartphones and text messaging, it is increasingly difficult to find any alone time anymore. As a result, many experience higher anxiety and stress levels than ever before. It is difficult to balance everything perfectly all the time. One of the most beneficial healing techniques that earlier cultures practiced – and that you can learn to practice is meditation.

Meditation is a wonderful way for you to let go of your everyday stress and to allow your whole self – your mind, your body and your soul – to heal.  By meditating everyday twice a day for just twenty minutes, you will tune into your waking life in a way you never thought possible before. Your mind will be clearer and decisions will be easier to make; your body will be refreshed and ready for anything; and your soul will be revitalized.

It is important that you learn proper meditation techniques from an instructor directly. If you do not have a good meditation technique that is working for you and you would like to learn how to meditate, please consider letting me teach you how.

Heal yourself each and every day as your ancestors before you have healed! Sleep, sunshine and meditation are three very basic tips to start you on a path to healing yourself daily. You may not even realize that one of these three basic methods of healing are lacking in your life, but if you make a point to pay attention to how much sleep and sunshine you are getting and whether you are making the time for daily meditation, you may be able to pinpoint exactly where to add a little boost for your health. Do yourself a favor and try these tips out today!

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Deborah  King
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