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Top 3 Ways an Activated Thymus Can Change Your Life

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Top 3 Ways an Activated Thymus Can Change Your Life

How To Supercharge Your Spiritual Growth
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Apr 09, 2014 at 09:15 PM

In my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I often talk about the importance of chakras, which are focal points in your body that move energy in and out between your personal energy field and the larger unified field beyond. In order to maintain your physical, spiritual, and emotional health, it is essential to keep each of your seven chakras clear and open, spinning gently in the right direction. But there is another key point in your body that also affects your health and well-being: your thymus.

Why do you need to know about your thymus? The thymus gland is part of your immune system and helps to fight off illness, but your thymus is also the seat of your spiritual development. With an activated thymus, you can supercharge your spiritual growth.

Your thymus gland is located between your throat chakra in the middle of your throat, and your heart chakra in the center of your chest. If you feel where the two sides of your collar bone meet below your throat, there is a space or a little dent. Right below that, you may find the thymus with your fingers—a small rounded spot that is slightly raised. If you can’t feel yours, don’t worry! Every body is different, and the size of the thymus changes as you age. Whether you feel it or not, rest assured that your thymus is there and ready to be activated.

When your thymus is activated—or open and expanded—it sends a message to all realms that you are working in service of love. It becomes like your personal spiritual “signature,” a sign that tells the cosmos you are on the path of light. An activated thymus can change your life. Here’s how:

1. Receive Initiations to Higher Spiritual Levels

A spiritual initiation is a step on the path to reconnecting with Source. There are many steps, or levels, and the process does not happen overnight. With continued self-work and self-care, including meditation and journaling, you can complete lower level initiations on your own, sometimes without even knowing. An energy healer or other facilitator is usually needed for higher level initiations. However they occur, initiations can only take place when the student is ready. Expanding your thymus is one way to help prepare your body and energy field for spiritual initiations.

Charging and expanding your thymus will open the door to the unified field of energy that encompasses the entire universe and everything within it. You will then be able to focus your attention on connecting to the masters of the universe and entities on higher planes. There are no shortcuts on the path to Source, but an activated thymus is like a head start or a boost.

2. Awaken Your Inner Healer

Did you know that you possess your own unique spiritual gifts? You may not be aware of them yet, but activating your thymus will bring them to light. Maybe you’re incredibly patient and can really listen to others, or maybe you can see or hear things on another plane. Or perhaps you even have the gift of energy healing like me! Whatever your special talents may be, activating your thymus will awaken them. If you discover you have the healing touch, literally, please join me at one of my healing courses or workshops so you can cultivate that gift and learn to perform powerful energy healings. An activated thymus is an excellent foundation for the practice of energy healing or a career in energy medicine.

If your unique gifts don’t immediately reveal themselves, continue to put your intention toward expanding your thymus. You can even tap on it, gently, while imagining a soft pink light surrounding you and envisioning your thymus opening up, connecting you to Spirit.

3. Stay Healthier and Heal Faster

Your thymus is not just influential in your spiritual health, but is necessary for your physical health as well, as an important part of your immune system. The thymus is a lymphoid gland that plays a vital role in the production of T-cells, which are some of your body’s best warriors in the fight against bodily intruders like viruses.

Like your chakras, your thymus can get clogged by negative emotions. When your thymus is overwhelmed with unexpressed emotions, you might get sick more often or feel generally tired and weighed down, no matter how much you rest. When your thymus is activated, it is charged and healthy, which means your immune system is charged and healthy, which means you fall prey to fewer illnesses and heal faster when you do catch a bug. You will also have more energy. That alone might be a life changer!

Now you know how this gland you’ve probably never really thought about can have such a huge impact on your health. Activating this key point can do wonders for your spiritual growth and development and effect change in your life in a profound way.

If you’d like me to activate your thymus, take a moment and watch this FREE video where I do just that! You will also want to check out my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Course, starting right now, that teaches you about all the chakras as well as how to heal yourself and others, PLUS certifies you in the field of Energy Healing! 


New York Times best-selling author, health & wellness expert, and spiritual teacher Deborah King was a successful attorney in her twenties when she was diagnosed with cancer, which began a quest for healing that would radically change her life. Her amazing recovery led her to leave the corporate arena for the field of energy medicine, where she mastered ancient and modern systems, ultimately developing a powerful technique of her own.

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Deborah  King
New York Times best-selling author, health & wellness expert, and spiritual teacher Deborah King was a successful attorney in her twenties when she was diagnosed with cancer, which began a quest for healing that would radically change Continue reading