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Top 7 Halloween Gifts for Enlightened Fans

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Top 7 Halloween Gifts for Enlightened Fans

Hay House
Oct 29, 2013 at 07:00 PM 0 comments

It’s time for our big Halloween party at Hay House this week. What’s not to love about Halloween? It’s the time when we can play pranks on our friends, keep our house dusty with cobwebs, eat candy without guilt, dress up in goofy costumes, talk about ghosts without getting funny looks, and invite people to our house who only stay a few minutes for a small treat!

Tradition has it that Halloween was first recognized by the Celts who believed that when their harvest ended on October 31st, the boundary or “veil” between the worlds is dissolved—leaving the doorway open for all entities of another dimension to emerge.

To celebrate the Halloween season, come along with us beyond the warehouse, beneath the stairs, below the basement, under the dome—deep into our archives for a glimpse at our Top 7 Most Frightfully Fascinating, Chillingly Compelling and Hauntingly Hair-Raising Halloween Gifts for the Enlightened fan—if you dare!


1. Walk-In (Scott Blum)

Step right up and walk right in to this gripping indie film where we meet the gentler and friendlier entity who will inhabit your body upon request. At least that’s what happens to ailing engineer Don who invites his angel Robert to try on a human body for size. The surprise ending will have you guessing!

2. Love Has Forgotten No One (Gary Renard) 

What happens when two ascended master teachers appear to you in the flesh? You write a book about it! That’s what Gary Renard did and the result was the best-selling Disappearance of the Universe. Now these two wise mentors are back to guide us on the path to Perfect Love. Fascinating read!

3. Entangled in Darkness/Seeking the Light (Deborah King) 

Life is a journey into higher consciousness, but every now and then, something dark befalls us—maybe a weird energy or shady spirit that obscures our path to the light.     In this book, Deborah will help you identify and process your dark side, so you can stand strong in your power and live in the light. 

4. Godfather’s Daughter (Rita Gigante)

It’s one thing to grow up and discover that your father is a notorious crime boss who’s head of all five New York crime families. But what happens when this same man has such an intuitive connection with his daughter that he is able to send messages to her after he has passed from this Earth? An mesmerizing page-turner and staff favorite!

5. Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards (Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh) 

Do you believe that your loved ones in heaven want to talk to you? They do! They want to share their love and send you reassuring messages to help you with your grief? And this new card deck will show you how to reach out to them. A true winner by today’s top angel expert Doreen Virtue and celebrated spiritual medium James Van Praagh.

6. Animals and the Afterlife (Kim Sheridan)

 Is that the purring of your beloved cat you hear in the middle of the night—even if she’s been gone for many years now? Here you’ll find true stories of everyday people around the world that will erase any doubt you may have about an afterlife for animals. Whether you have dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters or horses, your connection with your beloved animals will remain steadfast in this dimension and the next. A must-read for all animal devotees!   

7. The Shadow Effect (Debbie Ford) 

 If you’re still wearing a disguise long after October 31st, then you need to watch this movie! Find out why you choose to put on these false faces—consciously and unconsciously—and why you choose to hide in the shadow of your fears. This raw and revealing film reminds us that gifts await you where you least expect them…in the dark.


May your treats be many!

~Donna Abate

HealYourLife website manager

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