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Touch the Eternal

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Touch the Eternal

Feeling secure in the hands of a Greater Power.
Jonathan  Ellerby Ph.D.
Jonathan Ellerby Ph.D. More by this author
Mar 27, 2011 at 10:00 AM

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York City is a remarkable place. This towering gothic cathedral serves not only as a monument to The Sacred, but also as a place that celebrates the human journey and diversity of the world’s faith communities. It was there, beneath the soaring arches and timeless architecture, that I was ordained as an interfaith minister.

It was a magnificent ceremony. Priests, rabbis, imams, yogis, monks, and other representatives of leaders of the spiritual community of New York were present. The music was provided by a couple who had dedicated their lives to the cross-cultural study of devotional and religious music; they played various instruments and melodies as familiar and exotic as one could imagine. It was enchanting and deeply moving—each note felt like a plea to the Spirit of Life to draw nearer.

As the ritual unfolded, I found myself searching inward. My training had been rich and challenging, and arriving at the end seemed like a dream. The honor to serve others as a healer and celebrant during life’s greatest transitions—such as marriage, birth, death, and loss—evoked tremendous gratitude and a reverence that momentarily overwhelmed me.

Tears streaming down my face, I knew that I was fulfilling a part of myself I couldn’t explain, but I had felt its pull for years. Some refer to it as a “calling” or “knowing.” Whatever it was, in that moment, I sensed that a piece of my life was falling into place. I was right where I wanted, needed, and felt drawn to be. I realized there would be hard times ahead. I inwardly acknowledged that a lot of the work and future training would be far from easy or comfortable, yet the feeling of completeness I experienced took me beyond my essence and into the embrace of something truly sacred.

In an instant, and beyond thought, I felt a warmth growing in my chest; and my heart felt as if it were glowing, perhaps expanding. Growing as big as the entire room, in my mind’s eye my heart became a radiant sphere of light. I breathed love in and out at the very center of that incredible shining life force. It didn’t feel like an experience of my own design or influence. Rather, I was nothing more than an instrument, like a flute in the hands of a Greater Power. The Divine breath and holy hands created the music. I only had to surrender.

The next thing I became aware of was the enormous 40-foot-wide circular stained-glass window that watched over our scene. It wasn’t a moment of thought, but a feeling, as the light shone through each intricate color and shape of glass. An ocean of soft hues filled the dark cavern of the massive hall. In that instant, it was more than a window, more than a devotion to something holy. It was the Eye of God. I felt the Light of the Divine, streaming in through the brilliant facets of art and glass, high up in the shadows of the seemingly endless ceiling.

That experience was the final unplanned lesson of my program. Beyond word or reason, I knew what I was experiencing. It was understanding beyond any doubt that there is a light that shines within and through each and every one of us. The journey toward the essence is only the beginning of inspiration. True inspiration is knowing that you’re filled with the Energy of Life, the breath of the Creator Spirit. In whatever way you understand it, that Great and Awesome Mystery holds all power, all potential, and all time. That infinite source and force is the beginning, the end, the context, and the substance of all life. That which we call The Sacred is within you—it is you.

Such experiences don’t have to take place in cathedrals or mosques. They can occur anywhere and at any time. I’ve felt this touch of grace and inspiration in nature, with my wife and son, alone, and with other people. You don’t have to go anywhere strange or do anything magical to encounter The Sacred. Just ask yourself: What does it mean to be my truest self? What is my essence? Who have I come here to be?

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