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Troubled by Debt?

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Troubled by Debt?

How to regain your wealth.
Peggy  McColl
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Jan 14, 2010 at 09:00 AM

My mentor, Bob Proctor, once said, “Don’t cry over anything that won’t cry over you.” People will often create tremendous suffering for themselves just because they’re in debt or have lost money. They’ll generate intense feelings of anger, sadness, and fear, all of which are destructive and actually make it more difficult for them to regain the wealth they lost. Because they’re upset, they may fight with their spouse over money or become severely depressed, not realizing that the power to create abundance for themselves once again is always available to them.

When you understand that money is simply one form of the tremendous force known as abundance or wealth, and that you can always receive riches from our ever-giving Universe, it becomes easier to let go of negative feelings about money and the destructive belief that material wealth is more important than other manifestations of abundance. Ask yourself how much money you would take in exchange for your eyesight or your abundant health. How much would I have to pay you to give up your relationship with the person you love most? My guess is that your health, your eyesight, and the people you love are far too precious to trade for any amount of money.

If what you receive isn’t money, open yourself up to it with gratitude and joy. Allow your creativity to flourish and you can discover ways to convert the abundance into the form you could most use right now.

Wisdom and knowledge are types of abundance that we often overlook. An antiques dealer I know often purchased items from homeless people who brought him furniture and other objects they’d found in the garbage. He was always gracious and kind to them, and one day one of his regular sellers, who was a homeless man, noticed that the dealer had recently acquired a gold record by a celebrity. “You have that underpriced,” he said. “I used to work in the music business. I know.” The antiques dealer listened to what the man had to say and decided to take his advice and quadruple the price. A few days later, the dealer’s dentist came in, got very excited about the gold record, and said, “Listen, I’d love to own that, but I don’t have that much in cash to spend. How about if I do that dental work I recommended to you, in exchange for the gold record?” The antiques dealer was able to pay for expensive dental procedures he needed and couldn’t afford, because he valued the abundance that came to him from an unexpected source and converted it into something he could use.

Knowledge and wisdom is all around us, but too often we don’t take the time to explore, research, listen, and consider because we focus too much on wealth in the form of money. Older people often have very valuable insights that can save us financially. Friends can have knowledge we’re unaware of that they’d love to share if only we’d be open to hearing what they have to say. By being open to the possibility that what someone has to share may benefit us in some way, we remain open to the ingenious forms of abundance that the Universe is trying to bestow upon us.

When we have faith that the Universe is working to bring us the wealth we desire, it’s easier to create feelings of creativity and kindness that open us up to opportunities for increasing our abundance. Miracles may even happen, if we’re open to them.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with the generosity of others, accept their gift with joy and gratitude and let go of any feelings that you’re un-worthy of it. In receiving, you’re actually giving them a gift as well: You’re allowing them to experience the joy of giving and the feeling of being so abundant that they can share their wealth with you. Remember, too, that the flow of abundance is continuous. Know that you can pass along a great deal to someone else, and they’ll pass it along to yet another person. Let the river of abundance flow through you, trusting that as it moves in and out of your life, it will benefit you and the world. Enjoy its twists and turns and appreciate the magical way in which it works.

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Peggy  McColl
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