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Two Little Words

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Two Little Words

The power of I Am!
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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Mar 19, 2012 at 10:00 AM

You’re like a candle lit

from my bright flame.

My light is your light—

we are one and the same.

Dear Parents and Teachers,

I am so excited to share my new book I Am: Why Two Little Words Mean So Much with you and your children. My studies and teachings over the past several years have led me to write a book for adults called Wishes Fulfilled. I have taken the most important concept from Wishes Fulfilled and created this children’s book. The concept is that God is not separate from us but is actually an energy living inside of us. Once we become aware of this energy, we can help it to grow and expand and bring happiness to ourselves and others. What I hope to offer children with this book is the understanding that they are a part of God and God is a part of them. I like to explain it like this: Imagine God as the ocean. If you take a bucket of water out of the ocean, is it still the ocean? Yes! God is the ocean and we are the buckets of water drawn from the ocean—separate, but one.

I Am teaches a simple but profound message: God is not far off in the distance, or even merely beside us. In other words, we are not separate from God—we are God! Knowing that God’s love and strength is a part of everyone can help kids grow to meet their greatest potential in life.

I named this book I Am because of the incredibly powerful meaning of those two words. How we finish the sentence that begins with “I am” makes all the difference in the life we create for ourselves and how close or far away we are from the part of us that is God. My wish is that each one of us comes to recognize and connect to the amazing gift that is God’s love.

The Meaning of “I Am”

As you read my book, you will notice that many of the sentences start with the words I am. These are two of the most powerful words you can use to begin a sentence. The important thing is what words you use to finish that sentence. Anytime you start a sentence with I am, you are creating what you are and what you want to be. At the same time, you are also showing whether or not you are connected to the energy of God inside of you. So, if you sometimes say, “I am bad at this, I am ugly, I am stupid,” these words take you farther and farther away from the part of you that is God. When you choose to say, “I am happy, I am kind, I am perfect,” you help the light of God inside you to grow and shine. Try saying some I am sentences and see how the different words you choose make you feel.

Along the way,

you will find

great happiness

and love,

And you’ll learn that

wishes come true

from within,

not above.

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