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Understanding What Happens When You Die

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Understanding What Happens When You Die

How spirit will prepare you.
Lisa  Williams
Lisa Williams More by this author
May 28, 2013 at 10:00 AM

People often start to get their “house in order” when approaching their time of transition. They look at their life-insurance policies, finalize financial paperwork, or make sure to have their will taken care of. This is because they have a subconscious awareness of what is going to happen, just as my grandfather had.

Seeking more information on the process of how we can know that the time of passing is near, I meditated and received the following message from my master guide Ben—my fingers typing as fast as I could in order to capture as much as possible. I share that here, with much gratitude for Ben and the rest of my team: 

Before you pass, we prepare you for your journey ahead. While you sleep, you travel astrally, visiting others in your dreams to get used to the process. You look at situations and people you love, and you visit the places you have always wanted to go. We guide you in this, which is why many individuals report wild and vivid dreams before passing.

For a month or so before you pass, we prepare you very gently, placing situations around you to help in the process. Whether you are going to pass through natural causes, a car accident, or a murder, you will have fulfilled your reason for being on the Earth plane and completed your contract. Still, we have to prepare you slowly. We also have to prepare your loved ones on the other side to receive you. A lot goes into receiving a soul over to us, as we have to make sure that everyone here is ready to take on their role. But be assured that we follow you and guide you, knowing when your passing is going to happen.

Normally, we become closer and more active in our help two weeks before your passing. We also start to help your friends and family during that time period. One way we do so is to influence you to make calls and write letters to loved ones, and also to tidy up whatever you have lying around—the material issues that go with life—so that you are not worrying about leaving a mess behind.

So we do everything to influence and help you prepare, but we cannot force you. Some people do not want to follow our lead, and we accept that. But it will be harder on them when they do come over here, because with little or no preparation for transition, they may find themselves in a state of shock upon recognizing where they are.

If you have awareness that you will soon be departing, then you may very likely see us doing our preparation work around you. The veil between worlds becomes thin when you are about to pass, and we make it even thinner by helping you raise your vibration, showing you how to do it. By raising your vibration, you are more able to let go of your earthly body. Again, this is part of the process of transition, how we prepare you for your crossing over.

If you have been told that you are facing death, it is easier for us to prepare you, because you are more willing to deal with the inevitable. Perhaps a doctor has given you information that you will die at a specific time, and you have had to face the harsh reality that it is going to happen. But if you are not given any information about when you might expect to pass, you will be harder to prepare, but not by much. You may be a little more stubborn, so we do our preparation when you are sleeping.

We help your soul come to terms with the fact that you are going to pass. We tell you what is happening, and we allow you to go where you need to and see people you need to visit. We help you with that process, which is why you know you are leaving when you are ready to pass. Your spirit guides do this for you, and because they have had a relationship with you since the beginning of your life on the Earth plane, they know what you need and what you do not need.

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Lisa  Williams
Lisa Williams is an internationally acclaimed medium and clairvoyant who has an amazing ability to communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed on to the “other side.”Born in England, Williams was discovered by Merv Griffin and has her own Continue reading