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Uplifting Devotionals To Start Your Day

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Uplifting Devotionals To Start Your Day

From Doreen Virtue's Mornings with the Lord
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Oct 03, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Starting your day with uplifting reading sets a positive tone for your mindset, which then leads to positive experiences. In fact, one reason why I’m committed to reading the Bible and other inspiring material in the morning is that whenever I’ve skipped this positive practice, I’ve felt “off” and my day didn’t go as well. 

Consciously connecting with the Lord strengthens your communication lines, helping you notice and understand the divine messages sent to you. The more often you deliberately commune with God, the more your faith and sense of peace increase. 

The devotionals in my book, Mornings with the Lord are dated so that you can read a page to begin your morning. Each entry offers a contemplative topic, a prayer to the Lord, and a relevant scriptural passage. My prayer is that these pages serve as stepping-stones to meditation, worship, and further biblical study. 

You are certainly encouraged, if you are guided, to open the book to a random page for a message at any time. I also encourage you to personalize the prayers so that they are from your heart and applicable to your current situation. 

May each page in Mornings with the Lord be a catalyst for you to develop an ever closer personal relationship with God. May you enjoy hours of heartfelt conversations with the Lord. And may your heart be led with the immense love, peace, and sense of purpose that he sends to all who invite him into their lives. 


Please don’t allow negative experiences with organized religion to disconnect you from a true best friend who wants to help you now and always. Yes, some people in organized religions have acted in very hurtful ways, but Jesus would never hurt you.

Yes, the Bible has been translated, rearranged, and used to justify evil actions. But Jesus never did any of those things. 

Yes, the paintings of Jesus often portray him as Caucasian instead of re-enacting his cultural heritage. But those are artists and rulers who are responsible for those portrayals, not Jesus. Yes, patriarchy has done horribly oppressive and cruel things to women. But Jesus never did. Let’s stop confusing the historical actions of people with the actions of Jesus. 

If, while reading Mornings with The Lord, you find yourself believing that you are being judged, please take some time to meditate and pray, as this belief is possibly linked to old, unhealed wounds from your past. Or perhaps you’ve engaged in actions that you know, deep down, aren’t the right path for you. If so, you have a beautiful opportunity to heal something that may have been deeply hidden. 

The ego doesn’t want us to know Jesus, because the ego is terrified of the powerful healing love he offers. So the ego may try to distract you from reading this book.  Please don’t allow the ego to interfere (or should I say “inner fear”) with your spiritual path!

If you’re feeling lonely or lost, please take the Lord’s hand and let him help you. Jesus is real, and he wants to help you. Don’t push away what could be your greatest friendship and the cure for loneliness: the one who will help you to love and take care of yourself, and find your life purpose and a clear connection with God—the greatest feeling of blissful comfort imaginable. 

The following prayer may help: 

Lord, I want to know the real you, but I’m nervous about getting hurt, judged, or disappointed. Can you help me overcome my fears about you so that I can feel your guidance, healing, and love? As Jesus said in John 16:33: “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth, you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” 

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