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Using Crystals To Release Stress And Conflict

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Using Crystals To Release Stress And Conflict

Rose Quartz Is Highly Effective
Sharon Anne Klingler
Sharon Anne Klingler More by this author
May 30, 2017 at 03:15 PM

The mineral kingdom is alight with beauty and energy. Though you may be attracted visually to a certain stone, that stone’s beauty is only part of its influence. Each gem carries its own unique vibration – its own quality of energy. And you can use a specific gem to help build that same power in your life.

For instance, if you would like to reduce stress and worry while promoting greater compassion and peace, rose quartz would be a great stone to bring to the table – literally! If you find yourself stressed-out during the day, you could place a rose quartz on your desk. Or, if there are tensions and difficulties for (or between) you and your partner, you can bring your rose quartz to bed, so to speak.

If this is the case for you, first find a couple of large chunks of rose quartz. They don’t have to be carved or polished, but the pinker they are, the higher the quality of the stone. If you have tables on either side of the bed, place one on each table so that a rose quartz is near you and your partner while you sleep. This stone can help to reduce conflicts and soften the energies of anger. (Copper, the metal of Venus, also aids in strengthening loving qualities.)

While you’re making this effort, it might be helpful to consider the types of foods and beverages that you’re ingesting. Beef, coffee, strong spices, stimulants, and other yang foods can increase nervousness, stress, and aggression. On the other hand, fruits, green vegetables, fish, and fowl tend to be more yin in nature and help to create a more mild temperament from the inside out.

It would also help if you and your partner could reduce your exposure to the color red while at home. Red shirts, ties, dresses, and accessories may be good at the office since it’s a power color. But while at home, try to dress yourselves and the environment with softer pastels, especially blues and greens. Mild green is a very good color for balancing the emotions, and green jade provides wonderful assistance toward this end as well. But it is the rose quartz that crystalizes your intention for peace; so be sure to use it as your trigger.

Whenever you see the rose quartz, imagine yourself wrapped in a comforting blanket of pink energy.  When mixing paint, pink is made by taking a great quantity of white (which reflects the purity and grace of eternal spirit) and adding it to just a little drop of red (reflecting passion and conflict).  The white dilutes the red and softens it to pink (a gentle love).  So mentally wrap yourself in pink energy when you see the rose quartz.  And remember, whenever you get angry throughout your day, imagine the pure white of divine forgiveness and peace moving through you, breaking up the angry red and washing it away.

This little visualization and others like it truly bring gemstones to a greater level of impact in your life. Though rose quartz and some other pink stones do have a natural calming effect, the mere presence of rose quartz is not – in and of itself – enough to remove anxiety and reduce conflict. That requires intention. While gemstones have a subtle influencing quality, they provide the most help when they act as triggers for you to focus and create the intention you hold.

So if peace is your intention, declare peace as your reality whenever you see or touch the rose quartz. Here are a few affirmations and declarations you might find helpful.

I find beauty and calm in every moment.

Harmony and trust fill me with every breath I take.

The purity and peace of God flow through me, washing away all anger and hurt.

I am wrapped in a blanket of ease and comfort, and nothing troubles me.

I seek the divine spirit in every person I meet.

Peace and love abide within me.

The bottom line, as you well know, is this: Each person creates his or her own reality with every thought and every action. An angry person who has no desire to change could live in a rose quartz house and never find his ill-will tempered. But one who seeks to grow and evolve – to live a higher truth – will pursue that goal diligently, using tools and taking steps to crystallize divine and boundless love everywhere. 

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