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Using Your Consciousness To Get What You Want

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Using Your Consciousness To Get What You Want

Practicing the Law of Manifestation in your life.
Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor More by this author
Oct 18, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Among the seven Laws of Attraction is The Law of Manifestation. This natural law of the Universe says that your consciousness creates your reality. This is projected in your self-view, worldview, and expectations, which send a holographic image of yourself and your life force out into the world. This holistic understanding is very powerful. Even a small shift in consciousness can create a dramatic change in results.

Success in practicing the Law of Manifestation in your own life isn’t just specific thoughts bringing about specific results. It’s a matter of projecting a life force that’s filled with positive images and conclusions of confidence, optimism, and self-love. Since your consciousness relies heavily on your view of yourself and your personal expectations, it will be very difficult to create success if you consistently engage in self-judgment and pessimism about your future. But you can intentionally lift your awareness to a more positive perception of yourself, your environment, and the day ahead. This will transform your consciousness and help shift the reality you create.

Your greatest power for change can be found in your awareness. Even if you can’t change the situation you’re in, you can still shift how you perceive it. It’s your interpretation of what’s around you—and not the circumstances themselves—that will ultimately determine the quality of your experience and the power of your life force.

I’ve seen the law of consciousness-created reality at work many times in my life. One particular story involves Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, who’s a wonderful author and inspiring motivational speaker.

About 20 years ago, I attended a conference where Wayne and a few other authors spoke. In his lecture, Wayne talked about a discussion that he and the other authors had over dinner the night before. I thought, Someday I’d like to speak at a conference with Wayne and have dinner with him and the other authors. I even took a moment to visualize it, but not having any idea how it would happen, I let it go.

I didn’t think about it much after that, largely because my whole life force had become about something that was far more important to me—teaching genuine self-love and the principles of personal consciousness and energy. I was publishing my own book back then and even doing lectures for free. I was passionate about the information, and I really wanted to share it with others and help people make their lives better.

I did attend more of Wayne’s lectures, and when I did, I would remember that old intention. There were times when I could feel it happening and other times when it just didn’t resonate. It didn’t matter either way, however, because my entire life was now driven by a consciousness of purpose and enthusiasm.

My career hit many delays and roadblocks along the way, but I maintained an optimistic attitude, and I was so inspired by the process and the information that I was able to keep moving forward. About ten years after that original intention about Wayne had come to mind, my wonderful publisher, Hay House, picked up my first book. Shortly before that, Wayne had switched publishers and gone to Hay House, also.

In a few more years, I found myself speaking at the Hay House I Can Do It!® conference along with Wayne and many other fantastic people. At the authors’ dinner on one Saturday night, I told him about my old intention.

I said, “A long time ago, I visualized us speaking together and having dinner ..” He jumped up, gave me a hug, and ended my sentence by saying, “. . . and here we are.”

This is just one of the many fun experiences that have come my way. But it goes to show how your entire consciousness creates your reality. One fleeting intention—backed by a purpose-driven life force—can make something happen.

So formulate your own consciousness based on a positive self-perception and a purposeful and optimistic worldview. Gently let go of any pessimistic thoughts, and remember that you get to decide what you want to be true for you. Prioritize your whole life over any individual outcome; and fill your days with passion, enthusiasm, and self-love.

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Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor is the New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Success, Truth, Triumph and Transformation, and Secrets of Attraction. Sandra is known for her inspiring processes and life changing techniques inco Continue reading