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Venus, A Diary Of A Puppy And Her Angel

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Venus, A Diary Of A Puppy And Her Angel

Tips For Getting Closer To Your Pet
Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper More by this author
Jul 10, 2014 at 01:30 AM

Many of the things I understood became a living reality as I share my life with Venus, my puppy, and grew to know and love her more and more. 

I learned how important it is to call in the Angel of Animals, Archangel Fhelyai who is yellow and Archangel Michael, who is blue, every day to protect my pets.  I visualize a deep blue and a yellow light going round both Venus and Ash-ting, our kitten.  Yes, animals each have two guardian angels but it is even better to call in the specialists. 

If a pet is in need of help, ask Archangel Fhelyai to look after it.  No prayer is ever wasted.  If your prayer energy is not all used, it will go to help another animal in need.

Venus has always been a fussy Princess when it comes to eating.  I have found it helps enormously when I bless her food.  It lights up the energy and helps her digest it more easily.  So I put my hands over her bowl and ask the angels to bless it.

I have often seen people scold their dogs when they finally return to them after a wonderful run in the countryside.  I especially remember one occasion when we rescued a lost puggle puppy.  Venus says, The puggle pup and I race along the path together ahead of Mum.  He is touchingly pleased to find his owner and she is so relieved to see him again that she shouts at him for running off.’  

But then I find myself doing the same thing.  Venus records, ‘And on our morning walk I am chasing around the meadow and she wants me back.  Boring!  She calls and calls.  When I eventually do run back to her she’s cross with me and why should I go to her to be scolded? 

Later Mum seems to have a change of heart.  I’m enjoying myself, dodging in and out of the trees in the forest but this time when she calls me to her, her voice sounds warm and she opens out her arms and smiles.  A beautiful pink light shines out of her heart.  Oh wow!   I race to her straight away.’ 

Our beloved animals often take on our pain and heal us.  A friend of mine was due to have a hip replacement.  Before her operation her son’s dog had to have his replaced.  When it was time for her operation her own hip had healed naturally.  She believes the dog she loved took on her problem.  Watch out for this and thank them.

It is heart wrenching when you have an animal put down.  Even though your intention is pure and loving, if you have your pet put down a moment before its time, you earn karma.  So hand its spirit over to the angels and they will look after it.  Then there is no karma.  Either way their spirit remains close to you. For more insight from Venus, visit and see the diary of Venus.

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