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Video - Motivational videos for your soul

Video Motivational videos for your soul

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    You can Heal Your Life Summit - Starts May 4!

    Powerful Teachings to Create the Life You Want

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    Hay House Heal Summit | Marianne Williamson | Invest Your Faith Wisely

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    Why We Are All Sound Healers

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    3 Principles That Can Give You True Emotional Freedom - Sandy Newbigging

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    The Dragon Story - Overcoming Our Bad Habits

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Nick Ortner Shares How Tapping (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique)  Works For Lasting Pain Reli

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Anita Moorjani shares her miraculous healing from cancer in this powerful Tedx Talk.

How To Change Your Energetic Signature

Dr. Joe Dispenza gives step by step info on how using your thoughts as a placebo works to change you

by Jessica Ortner, Author of Tapping For Weight Loss Learn How To Tap

Jessica Ortner teaches us how to use the emotional freedom technique, or tapping, to heal. 

The Placebo Effect - Learn How To Heal Your Body Using Your Mind

Fascinating interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza about his NY Times bestselling book, You Are The Placebo