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Waking Up to Your Spiritual Awareness

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Waking Up to Your Spiritual Awareness

A Guide Through Your Soul House
Marisa Moris
Marisa Moris More by this author
Jun 27, 2018 at 03:45 PM

I am so excited that Attunement has been introduced to you!

I am going to teach some of what I have learned about creation, and I’m going to do it in the most fun way possible.

I am going to reconnect you to your divine spark, your spirit, and all the different layers of your multidimensional soul—from your human body to that piece of God in you.

I am going to teach you to use intention, commands, and your imagination to embody your divinity, which will allow you to meet and become your Creator Self.

And once you meet this all-powerful version of yourself, the self that lives outside of this reality, the self that created your life… you will be able to consciously become the creator that you have always unconsciously been . . .

As crazy as it may sound, through my years and years of channeling with the guides, this is the greatest knowledge I’ve come to embrace.

Growing up in a Christian household, I had a working knowledge of the Bible and the idea of God, but what I learned never quite resonated like it was supposed to.

It wasn’t until my spiritual awakening that my thirst for knowledge of this Almighty Being surfaced.

In May 2008, at the age of 30, I met my first guide. I was coming home in a rush because I was late meeting my dad for church.

I got off the freeway, made a left turn, and began heading toward the hill that would take me home. The next thing I saw was completely unbelievable. I was standing above an accident scene with a girl who looked like me, only she was about two feet taller.

She had green eyes and blonde hair. On my left was a huge ball of light. As if I had known her forever, I began talking to her. I said in frustration, “There is no way I am going back. Marisa is an idiot. Look at her! She crashed her car.

The tall girl just looked at me with true unconditional love in her eyes. She laid her hand on my right shoulder, and instantly I was light, I was all-knowing.

I knew who I was and why I was on earth.

She said, “You have to go back; there are too many people to help.”

I still can’t describe it to this day, but it was heavenly.

Next thing I knew, I woke up soaking wet, with medics and police officers surrounding me. I had blacked out, had a seizure, hit a fire hydrant, and apparently almost drowned in my own car.

It was a long road from there to here, but since then I’ve received and delivered messages from a countless number of dimensions and planes. And I have come to understand that “the guides” are all different layers of my connection to Source.

There’s a belief that God said, “Let there be light beings that can carry my essence,” and then there were souls. That piece of us all that is a tiny bit of God—it is in you too.

Would you believe me if I told you that you are God?

We are all a piece of God Consciousness experiencing life through our own creations, learning lessons we long ago assigned our pieces of self, and fulfilling carefully planned-out missions. We just have a case of soul amnesia!

It’s time to say good-bye to that so-called soul amnesia.

Because I am here to help you remember who you are, why you are here, and how to fully connect with that original energy or divine spark, that broke off from Source.

But before I get too far ahead, let me introduce you to the layers of your soul, or as the guides have referred to them, the rooms in your Soul House.

These are the 7 Rooms of the Soul House:

1. The Physical Room

2. The Emotional Room

3. The Mental Body Room

4. The Astral Room

5. The God Room

6. The Matrix Room

7. The Creation Room

By learning about each of these rooms, you will begin to understand the big picture of yourself as a creator being. You will start to be able to live your life to the fullest by manifesting the joy, peace, and happiness you’ve been searching for.

The first three rooms of the Soul House are made up of the physical body, the emotions, and the mental body, not to be confused with the intellectual mind only.

It is also our divine mind where our intuition comes through and is what most refer to as the Higher Self. Most humans can live their entire lives mainly within the first three rooms—though many of us try to skip over the second room entirely.

The fourth room is where most spiritually awakened newbies gravitate. These first four rooms combined make up our lives on planet Earth, and together they are what is considered a four-dimensional (4D) reality.

Room Four allows you to believe that the human life is a mere illusion, that we are all just spirits living in a human vehicle.

It’s a place where we can start seeing, feeling, and communicating with spirits. This is the room that no one even knows is in the house until someone we love dies and we go searching the house for that room, to see if it really exists.

Room Five brings us into the fifth dimension. We can go past the confines of earth and earthbound spirits and we can start understanding energy and the soul.

This is where our connection to our own individual aspect of Source Energy resides.

Remember, this is the piece of you that broke off from the original source as God to come down to earth and live this life.

Many religions call this room heaven—it has our created concepts of God and Divinity that we have come up with to define our idea of creation, like the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

To find pure truth, we must journey to the Matrix Room, the sixth room. This is where we start to see pure energy, pure frequency, pure sound, pure color . . . as I’m sure you can tell, the key word here is pure.

In the Matrix Room, there is no projection and there is no misconstruing anything. I see it as a grid that gets programmed into our consciousness, surrounded by an awareness bubble.

In order to reprogram the subconscious and the other layers of the mind, I call upon the pure essence of particular emotions or ask to experience frequencies like love or joy in pure form in this room.

When you leave the ever-pure sixth room, you will enter the seventh room, which really isn’t a room at all. It is more like a waiting area, an observation deck where you can perceive life through the eyes or anyone or anything that your Creator Self has created.

This is your Creation Room. Here is where you are creating this life you’re living, and it is where you can access Source most directly.

Once you get to know each of the seven rooms that make up your own personal Soul House, you will learn how to incorporate them into your daily life in a way that helps you stay connected and to call upon your Creator Self whenever you need to.

I don’t want you to just get to know all your layers; I want you to be able to embody them at will, to use them to perfect all these extrasensory gifts you are now being opened to.

This is how you’re going to be able to start changing your life in ways you never even imagined possible.

What is attunement?

Attunement (n.) – 1. A bringing into harmony, 1820, from attune + ment (Online Etymology Dictionary) 2. (n.) being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being “at one” with another being (

I want you to feel the connection this attunement will create between the real you—that is, your soul’s awareness—and Source. I want you to be able to become your soul.

Your soul is the one who created the spirit that you are and the one who remembers all your lives and, better yet, knows what will happen in this one.

This attunement will bring your awareness into your body and field of consciousness.

In the following exercise, you are not only attuning yourself forever to you, but you are also calling back all the little pieces of your awareness that may be causing issues in your life right now.

You can use this attunement to bring yourself back into alignment at any time.

Exercise: Write your name in each blank below. After filling this out, don’t forget to journal! Write out all the things you are expecting to get out of this journey. If you have no expectations, write about what you hope to accomplish in life.

I am ____________________’s awareness now.

I am ____________________’s body.

I am ____________________.

I am ____________________.

I am ____________________.

I am ____________________’s higher self.

I am ____________________’s spirit.

I am ____________________’s soul.

I am ____________________’s I Am now.

I am all that I am now!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

 It is done.

(Signature) and (Date)

The awareness witnesses all, and the mind (consciousness) processes it all. The mind never leaves the body, but the awareness does. And when the two merge, when consciousness becomes aware, they bring about the Creator Self.

I hope you will enjoy your journey with Attunement. It will be my greatest honor for you to realize your true connection to Source and send you forward with unconditional love, awareness, protection, grounding, and all the power YOU have!

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Marisa Moris
Marisa Moris is a spiritual intuitive, clairvoyant channel, and quantum reiki master teacher. She is the creator and founder of Discover Intuition, where she offers readings, healings, and teachings in mediumship, intuition development, meditation Continue reading