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Walk, Swim or Zumba

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Walk, Swim or Zumba

Which exercises are best for you?
Dr. James L. D'Adamo
Dr. James L. D'Adamo More by this author
Oct 17, 2011 at 10:00 AM

I’ve been an advocate of menus and eating plans based on blood types and sub-blood types as outlined in my books, One Man’s Food is Someone Else’s Poison, The D'Adamo Diet and most recently Just an Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. But just as our eating regimen should be based on our blood and sub blood type so should our exercise program for optimum health. 

For instance, strenuous exercise is perfect for those with O Blood Type, good for B Blood Types—but absolutely detrimental to A blood types. In general, however, all proper exercises are ideal for relieving tension, burning off excess calories, balancing blood-sugar levels, curbing appetite, increasing energy level, clearing the mind and lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Start! Set! Go!

Start your exercise routine with a specific program and stick to it. Be selfish with your time—consider this time your chance to do something just for yourself.

No matter what your blood type, start all exercise regimens with a 5-10 minute warm up and cool down to avoid athletes’ injuries. This helps increase circulation and brings warmth to cold, stiff tissues. Take a few minutes to shake out your arms and legs before you begin more strenuous movements. Ankle, knee, and hip circles help lubricate the joints and prepare your body for the next levels. Start slowly and gradually increase effort to the desired level of exertion.

Start an exercise program slowly and work your way up. If you are ill or exhausted, you may only be able to accomplish a few minutes a day at first. Don’t be discouraged. Stick to your regimen and in time you will improve and attain health and fitness.

Specific Exercise for Your Blood Type:

If you’re a Type O—You need a demanding physical program as Type O’s are muscular with a sluggish blood flow. Without a vigorous exercise program to activate blood and energy, you can become lazy and lethargic. More exercise will help stimulate your body leading to an intense feeling of well-being.

Best exercises for Type O’s: Jogging, gymnastics, calisthenics, hiking, swimming, and bicycling—done vigorously and regularly for up to an hour a day.

If you’re a Type A—You basically function on nervous energy so it’s crucial to choose physical exercises with a calming effect to balance rather than increase your energy level.  Athlete Type A’s are usually more exhausted following similar exercises. You tend to use more mental or nervous energy in your performance and consequently experience a greater general drain. Following strenuous exercises, most Type A’s have little desire to engage in further activities or in socializing.

You may feel you should work off excessive nervous energy through strenuous exercise. But beware—the immediate reaction will be a feeling of relaxation but (due to fatigue) that overwhelms your nervous system. The goal is not to achieve relief through exhaustion, but rather to calm your mind through specific exercises designed for this purpose.

Best exercises for Type A’s: Hatha yoga, tai chi, or qi gong. Light swimming, meditation, jogging, hiking, golfing, and doubles tennis are also beneficial if done in a relaxed manner.

If you’re a Type B—Exercise is not as vital and should be done in moderation. The bodies of Type B’s are moderately charged.

Best exercises for Type B’s: Jogging, hiking, and swimming as well as gymnastics, calisthenics, hatha yoga, tai chi, or qi gong for an hour several times a week should be sufficient. Whatever exercise or sport you choose, you will find that you can simply enjoy yourself rather than work to either calm or stimulate your body.

If you’re Type AB—You are generally a tense individual who functions primarily on nervous kinetic energy.

Best exercises for Type AB’s: Activities that will calm and relax you while avoiding overstimulation. Hatha yoga, tai chi, and qi gong are ideal for you. You should also participate in more strenuous exercises for five to ten minutes daily, but pace yourself and expend your energy economically.

Finally, no matter what your blood type …. stretch before exercising.

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