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Want to Heal?

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Want to Heal?

Two words will get you there.
John C. Parkin
John C. Parkin More by this author
Dec 27, 2012 at 09:00 AM

In the dualistic, wrong and right, trapped and free, tense and relaxed, sick and well, material and spiritual etc., world, we constantly crave movement between these states. And that’s fine. It’s not just fine, it’s beautiful. We want to move from bad to good, from prison to freedom, from stressed to chilled, from materialistic to spiritual and peaceful.

The desire for movement is natural and beautiful, and the movement itself can be natural and beautiful. That is life, it seems. At least a life lived positively, consciously and beneficially (a life lived negatively and unconsciously can lead everything in the opposite direction).



Don’t we just love the word but. It indicates that there’s always another way to look at things. Yes, that’s true, but… And if what follows is also true, you turn a but into an and.

Let’s have a go.

But… we are most free when we realize that it’s all the same: all states are natural and are part of the overall flow; the apparent prison we’re in is fine for now and is where we’re meant to be; the tension and anxiety we feel are necessary for the blossoming of what follows next; materialism is as valid as spiritualism because it’s all, in the end, the same thing.

One thing can be true, and its opposite can be true, too. We are solid, separate individuals governed by Newtonian physical laws, fighting for survival in a harsh and alien environment AND we’re nonsolid, energetic beings, all connected (or just “one”), bathing in one energetic field, which is probably all love.

And we probably won’t get “it” fully, ever. But by realizing that we won’t get it, everything about us relaxes and loosens, so we become more like ‘it’ anyway, which is always soft and loose and moving.

And F**k It helps us with all of that. Sure, F**k the Its in the dualistic world keeping you trapped and causing you pain. F**k the Its who criticize you and are holding you back from feeling free. F**k It and break free, no matter what anyone else thinks.

But say F**k It, too, to the idea that you’re trapped in the first place, that there’s anywhere to go from and to; that there’s anything you have to do or anywhere you have to go.

Can you throw yourself into a F**k It Life? Where you’re living with more clarity, consciousness, openness, and freedom; where you recognize the things that aren’t working, and the tensions and anxieties in your life, and you find your F**k It ways to become free…


You see that it’s all the same anyway. There’s nothing to be done and nowhere to go. F**k It to the search, you’re there already. Even when you think you’re not, you are.

F**k It was about relaxation, and the wonderful space (the F**k It State) and the life that such F**k It relaxation can create.

F**k It Therapy recognizes the value of all the stuff you thought you were moving away from, because the true F**k It State is one where everything is embraced.

The true therapy (i.e., the healing) is to realize not what you can do to heal, but that you’re already healed. That’s F**k It Therapy.

And if you don’t get it, that’s fine. It takes time. How can understanding two paradoxical ideas be easy? To the getting of it, say ‘F**k It.’ And that, my friends, is the beginning of your journey.

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John C. Parkin
John C. Parkin said F**k It to his life in London as an advertising executive to set up the holistic centre 'The Hill That Breathes' in Italy with his wife Gaia. John is a longstanding student of shamanism and Chi Kung. He teaches courses on breathin Continue reading