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Want Your Life to Be Different?

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Want Your Life to Be Different?

All you need is 10 seconds.
Derek  Mills
Derek Mills More by this author
Jul 29, 2013 at 10:00 AM

A word, a thought, a question, a phrase or an idea is all it takes to release your inner genius and revolutionize your whole life. It creates a change that can happen in just seconds. When we allow ourselves to stop, and then to PAUSE and to let that word, thought, question, phrase or idea take us inside ourselves to FEEL our response, then we begin travelling introspectively to our TrueSelf. The TrueSelf is the real us, the inner genius which is the best of our individual selves. Unique to each of us, it is also paradoxically the point of our wider connection to all, where we meet as part of infinite Intelligent Energy.

Once we are in our TrueSelf, the key is to follow the words, thoughts, questions, phrases and ideas that come from that place, and allow them to lead our lives authentically. The very act of doing so releases the creative genius of our TrueSelf. In that instance, in 10 seconds, change occurs; life is already different. It will evidence itself soon enough as it unfolds, but that change has occurred already.

TrueSelf has four characteristics:

The first of which is our Truth, the inner knowledge of who and what we truly are. It is the living of our truth that brings us true joy. Next is Journey, which is the path that we take in the outer world. It is also the journey within to our TrueSelf.  If you have ever experienced incredible achievement and called it ‘zone’ or ‘flow,’ this is not true. It is your Faculty, not ‘flow,’ and it is so because that is you, your inner genius. You could not do those things, unless you could indeed do those things! It is simply your TrueSelf serving you.  It is in our TrueSelf that we can, at last, live out our true nature. The TrueSelf then creates a Conduit to Intelligent Energy through the Law of Connection. As TrueSelf we connect to synchronicities that aid us, through the Law of Connection which binds all things.

Living at TrueSelf, people have gone from being emotionally and financially broke to becoming happy and incredibly successful. Consider your life now and ask: “What keeps me from my TrueSelf?”

Most people are not happy because they are not who they truly are; you cannot be truly happy as ‘not-you.’ My TrueSelf revealed to me, in seconds, that traditional goals don’t work, that they often make most people unhappy, because they take us outside of ourselves and place our happiness in the future, based upon attainment.

Instead I was guided by my inner genius to stop setting goals and instead to live by daily Standards. A Standard is a rule, criteria, quality, level or basis, that you discover from within and you commit to living at that Standard just for today, one day at time, just until you put your head on your pillow at night. So change is immediate because you’re living at a new conscious Standard in all areas of your life. Standards are set from TrueSelf, and keep us in TrueSelf when the outside world pushes and pulls.

Have you ever felt that this life is not fully your own, and that there is more to you than has thus far been revealed? Take that question inside and feel what your TrueSelf answers. Intuition is the language of TrueSelf.

We all deserve to begin by finding out who we truly are and to release our creative inner genius. I know from my own amazing experience, the journey into and through TrueSelf, you truly change and will be aided in remarkable ways; greater than you can currently imagine.  Living authentic lives as your TrueSelf means that you will have changed and when you change, everything will change for you.

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Derek  Mills
Derek Mills shares his 10-Second Philosophy® and P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Life Standards System™ with audiences all over the world, helping them to re-evaluate the whole concept of goal-setting, to live a happier life. He is an international motivationa Continue reading