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We Can Change The World

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We Can Change The World

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Louise Hay
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Jun 08, 2016 at 10:00 AM

If each one of us who is reading this article would practice getting in touch with the treasures within us on a daily basis, we could literally change the world. People living the truth change the world. For the truth of our being is that we are filled with unconditional love. We are filled with incredible joy. We are filled with serene peace. We are connected to infinite wisdom.

What we need to do is to know it and live it!

Today we are mentally preparing for tomorrow. The thoughts we think, the words we speak, the beliefs we accept, shape our tomorrows. Every morning, stand in front of a mirror and affirm to yourself:

I am filled with unconditional love, and I express it today.

I am filled with joy, and I express it today.

I am filled with peace, and I express it today.

I am filled with infinite wisdom, and I practice it today.

And this is the truth about me.

Now that is a powerful way to start your day! You can do it!

Remember, our spiritual connection does not need a middle man. We can pray and meditate quite easily by ourselves. It is important that we know that we all have a direct pipeline to the source of all of life. When we are consciously connect to this source, our life flows in wondrous ways.

Our souls are always seeking greater growth and integration, an opportunity to heal and express all that we are. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the methods our souls use to promote our growth. Our personalities, the part of us we assume in order to participate on the Earth plane, have certain expectations and needs. We become afraid, resistant, and sometimes angry when our expectations, such as material advancements, aren’t immediately met. It is in these moments, more than any other, that we must hold fast to our faith that there is a higher power working in our lives and that if we are open and willing to grow and change, that things will work out for our highest good.

Often our most painful moments, the times that stretch our personality the furthest, are the moments that provide us with the greatest opportunity for growth. These become an occasion for you to develop great self-love and greater self-trust. It may or may not comfort you to know that many people are seemingly experiencing setbacks in their lives as well. We are at a place of accelerated growth on this planet. Now more than ever is the time to be extra loving and patient with yourself. Do not resist any opportunity for growth. In times of difficulty, it is important to practice gratitude and blessings as much as you are able.

Life is a learning process. We are here to learn and to grow.

Let’s affirm: I make room for all the good that is waiting for me today.

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