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What Are The Akashic Records?

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What Are The Akashic Records?

Discover Your Soul's Path
Linda Howe
Linda Howe More by this author
Jun 04, 2016 at 07:30 AM

As I explain in my book, Discover Your Soul's Path Through the Akashic Recordsyou and your soul are one. Sometimes this seems so real you can nearly touch it, and at other times, so far away you wonder if you were mistaken. Whether newly awakened or a well- seasoned traveler, you may sense there is MORE available in the spiritual realm — more consistency, easier access, reliable connection, depth and vitality. Likely, you crave a deeper connection with your soul. Certainly, you have experienced random encounters with the spiritual dimension and deeply desire to expand this relationship. Our challenge is to connect— consciously, responsibly and deliberately — to satisfy our dream of soul-level awareness; this is our destiny. Arrival on this page suggests you are being led and are now ready to meet this challenge!

Transform Your Journey by Discovering Your Soul’s Path

Once it seemed as though nearly everything I did – celebrating birthdays, visiting friends, enjoying family, working – resulted in some sort of anxiety. I felt as if I was straying from consciously engaging my soul’s path. Participating in the customary activities of life, I feared I was veering off my path. I enjoyed my life and I also had a nagging sense that my soul’s quest was elsewhere.

Somewhere along the line, I adopted a false belief that my soul’s path was separate from my ordinary life. Confused, I convinced myself that the people, places and events of my daily existence were not my soul’s path. I secretly wished for a more glamorous path. Shouldn’t my soul’s path be different than this? I was exhausted trying to achieve, manage, and organize the various elements of my life, intent on freeing myself from daily obligations to discover my soul’s path.

What’s more, I assumed that once I completed the details of my human existence, my soul’s path would be magnificently revealed. With the busyness of life occupying my attention, I became frustrated that I couldn’t see the precise path. Try as I might to visualize, energize or conjure it, the steps of my soul’s path evaded me. I find this (almost) comical now, given how certain I was that my soul’s path would materialize out of thin air and rescue me from my ordinary, little life! Why did I think so little of my humanly existence and assume my soul’s path was separate from, and superior to, my humanity?
Thank goodness I was wrong! The path is much larger and wider; in fact, it encompasses every aspect of human life. Truth be told, it’s impossible to stray from the soul’s path. My life is my soul’s path. Meals, meetings, and even car maintenance constitute the soul’s path. It’s ALL the path! What a wonderful discovery that my path is revealed by living my humanity, not found beyond it, somewhere over the rainbow.
This simple truth has the potential to transform our everyday lives into spiritually enriching adventures, and awareness so inspiring to me, I was moved to write an entire book about it! Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary, explores this idea extensively.

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the vibrational archive for each soul and its journey as human being. Every individual set of Records has two components: fixed and evolving. The fixed part is your soul pattern; it holds your divine potential. The evolving segment includes a catalogue of lifetimes you’ve experienced on earth, through which you become aware of and live out your potential! These are stories of your soul’s quest to know its own essential goodness.
The Akasha is the soul-level dimension of consciousness. Here we find the convergence zone of love, wisdom and power in perfect harmony, meeting past, present and future in a sanctuary of sacred space, all accessible in the present moment. This sacred part of our being is available for guidance, encouragement and direction, empowering us to express our divine potential.  In ancient times, some used the Records as an oracle for divination.

Using The Akashic Records In A Post 2012 World

In our post-2012 world, times are changing, as is our relationship to the Records. This “New Age” is characterized by personal authority, responsibility, and spiritual maturity. For the first time in history, secular people can make this conscious connection. Our predecessors did not achieve this relationship, but we can. As the bridge generation, we need help making this major shift. This is why I’ve dedicated my life to sharing guidance for engagement in the Records.

Governed by the Akashic Absolutes — Judge Not, Fear Not, Resist Not — the Records are an exceptional arena for exploring human challenges for making changes, releasing limitations and embracing new possibilities. I like to think of the Akasha as the bridge of light from soul to Source. While accessing the Akasha is quite simple, certain specific practices can yield abundant blessings. Worry Not! You need not be psychic or possess sophisticated intuition. The Records are embedded in your soul and require sensitized listening. It is my honor to share the life-changing approach I’ve used for decades to cultivate my own relationship with my soul.

Bring Your Soul’s Purposes to Life

If this ordinary day is a segment of your soul’s path, how will you live it? Who will you encounter and how will you interact? What choices will you make? How will you approach your responsibilities? This day in your life is ripe with potential for your spiritual awakening. I invite you to join me in bringing this Power Idea into your day and embrace these opportunities!
You can transform any regular day into an extraordinary one, by raising these simple but powerful 3 questions:

* What if these people are ideal for facilitating my spiritual awakening?
* What if these circumstances empower me to love more than ever before?
* What if this is the optimal place for me to be at this moment in time?

Notice how these prompts revitalize your relationship with your soul’s path and your fellow travelers. Observe how acceptance and appreciation for the conditions of our life and our human identity, dissolve layers of resistance. Witness how living as if everything is precisely as it should be shifts your experience. Consider that you are the ideal embodiment of your soul’s expression at this moment in time, in this very place, walking with these perfectly imperfect people. Because you are!
The spiritual riches you deserve lie within the Akasha — and are only a prayer away, all for your empowerment and enjoyment. In the video from my website, below, I explain more about the Akashic Records:

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