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What Certain Bodily Ailments Reveal About Your Emotional Health

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What Certain Bodily Ailments Reveal About Your Emotional Health

Your Medical Intuition Is Stronger Than You Think
Mona Lisa Schulz M.D., Ph.D.
Mona Lisa Schulz M.D., Ph.D. More by this author
Oct 04, 2016 at 01:15 PM

For centuries, we’ve talked about a network called the chakra system. In terms of medical intuition, these are emotional centers. Why do I use this term? Because I’m an anatomist and a physician, and brain anatomy suggests that emotions are wired between the brain and the body. You’ll go to some medical intuitives to talk about energy centers; I talk about emotional centers, but I also include energy. Each center, whatever you want to call it, corresponds to an area of your physical anatomy. Each center has a life situation and an emotion that affects an area of the body.

This is the map that’s going to help you create health. Yes, it is.

There are seven regions in this emotional/energy center system.

These are the seven regions:

1. First center:

Bones, blood, immune system, skin, joints, and muscle. This physical region is affected by the health of our family or other groups of people.

2. Second center:

Reproductive organs like uterus, ovaries, vagina, prostate, testes, lower back, hips, and bladder. This area is associated with concerns about love and money.

3. Third center:

Digestive tract—esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, colon, rectum, metabolism, pancreas, body image. This area is influenced by self-esteem, work, feeling good enough.

4. Fourth center:

Heart, breast, lungs. This region has to do with health, nurturance, and partnerships.

5. Fifth center:

Neck, thyroid, mouth, teeth, jaw. This area is influenced by our communication style and our healthy capacity to handle timing.

6. Sixth center:

Head, eyes, ears, brain. This area relates to perception, thought, and basic mental health.

7. Seventh center:

Life-threatening illnesses, or events in our lives that bring us to our knees. Not a discrete area of the physical body but affecting many parts of the body, this region has to do with spirituality and life purpose.

As you make a note of the areas where you have problems, you’re doing your own medical intuitive reading. By noting which area of the body you have most of your problems in, you will begin to know where most of your emotions are patterned.

In my book with Louise Hay, called Heal Your Mindwe show you how to give yourself your own medical intuitive reading

What is medical intuition? In medical intuition, certain areas of your body let you know when emotion has built up in a certain area of your life. Certain organs in your body intuitively will let you know that something that’s emotionally bothering you needs to change. So, if it’s depression about a family member, anger about a relative, anger about a mate, frustration about money, or anxiety about work, and so on and so on, certain areas of your body will murmur, nudge, or scream loudly when that area of your emotional life needs to change.

Medical intuition lets us look at the function of the brain alongside these seven centers as part of the larger mind-body network. So your right brain is made up half of your emotions and half of your intuition. Your left brain is for language, that is, putting your feelings and intuition into words and action.

So, for health, if you can’t take your feelings from the right brain, name them, respond effectively, and release them, your health is going to let you know medical-intuitively. Your right brain emotion and intuition will travel down to your body, into one or more of those seven centers, and talk to you through symptoms of disease.


So, now you know that your body will tell you, through symptoms of health, when areas in your family, relationship, money, and work are going great. Or, intuitively, your body will let you know through health problems that those areas in your life aren’t going great. You can learn how to listen to the beginnings of your feelings in your right brain, the area for intuition; how to detect the beginning of sadness before it turns to depression. The beginning of fear before it turns to panic and anxiety. The beginning of anger before it turns to frustration and meltdown. Before these emotions affect your health, your attention, and ultimately other areas of your brain.

So let’s do a hypothetical reading (or maybe not so hypothetical, since these issues are so common to all of us):

• Look at the areas on your reading: did you circle the first center, for problems such as immune disorders like allergies or infections? If you did, then ask yourself, What’s my family like? Do I have a lot of friends? Do I feel safe and secure in the world?

• Or did you circle the second center areas—lower back, uterus, ovaries, hormones, or reproductive system? If you did, then ask yourself, Am I depressed about a relationship? Frustrated about my sex life? And how about those finances—am I worried or stressed about money?

• Or maybe you circled the third center for digestion, weight, body image, kidneys. Then you may have to sit yourself down and ask yourself, How is that job going? What is the state of my self-esteem: do I think I’m fat? Do I hate my hair? Do I find myself attractive?

• Or have you been having problems with sinusitis, bronchitis, lungs, heart, cholesterol, hypertension, heart palpitations, or breast lumps in the fourth center? Then you’re going to have to sit yourself down and ask yourself what your partnerships are like, or your relationship to your mother or your children.

• Or do you have neck pain, thyroid problems, TMJ problems, gum or tooth disease? Well, I hate to tell you, but communication may be an issue.

• Then there’s the head, eyes, and ears. Do you have dizziness, vertigo, dry eyes, headaches, or health concerns here? You may have problems with how you see the world and your ability to change how you respond to it.

• Then there’s the seventh center. We need to pause here, because these health problems will make you stop in your tracks in your life. Chronic, hard-to-treat, even life-threatening illnesses force you to focus on what your purpose in life is. Or have you lost your purpose? Have you lost your focus? And what is the quality of your spiritual life?

So when it comes to combining medical intuition and affirmations, we identify a scenario in our life (family, relationships, work, and so on), we identify the emotion (anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, and so on), and we identify the health problem that it involves. These are the three angles of the triangle.

In my book with Louise Hay, Heal Your Mindwe show you how to heal your mind, creating wholeness with medicine, affirmations, and intuition. We need all three of these to heal. By using medical intuition to change the thought patterns that impact our capacity to have a healthy mood, be free of anxiety and frustration, and keep our mind sharp as a tack.

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