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What Does Your Life Purpose Number Say About You?

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What Does Your Life Purpose Number Say About You?

Find out with this life purpose number guide by Michelle Buchanan
Michelle  Buchanan
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Jun 17, 2016 at 01:45 AM

Do you attract the same repetitive problem or feel constantly challenged in a particular area of your life? Do you sense your potential yet something keeps holding you back? Do you wonder why some people struggle with ill health, poverty, consciousness, unhealthy relationships, lack of romance or low self-esteem when others don’t struggle at all? 

As crazy as it sounds, the answers to these questions and more are found in numerology by calculating the letters and numbers in your birthdate and name. 

The Challenges You Were Born To Overcome 

According to numerology the ancient science of numbers created by Pythagoras 2500 years ago, your birthdate and name uncover seven Personality Numbers which reveal your personality traits and areas of success along with the challenges holding you back. 

When you know what those challenges are and embrace them as part of your soul’s journey towards enlightenment, you can begin to overcome them and start living a fully empowered life. This is what it means to live ‘consciously’ and to get in the driver’s seat of your life as you journey towards reaching your highest potential. 

There’s no need to feel intimidated by your challenges. You pre-chose them before you were born because you knew you needed to develop in those particular areas. But just as you’ve inherited those challenges, you also inherited the strength, ability and wisdom to overcome them during your life journey. 
Recognizing Your Challenges To Live An Empowered Life 

Each of the seven Personality Numbers in your numerology chart has its own unique set of challenges. Of those seven numbers, your Life Path Number – calculated from your birthdate – is one of the most significant of all. 

Let’s calculate your Life Path Number now to reveal some of your challenges, so you can begin to live more consciously. 

Step 1: 

Reduce the month, day and year numbers of your birthdate down to 3 single-digit numbers, unless they total 11 or 22 (these remain 11 or 22). 

Let’s use the birthdate December 11, 1969 (12-11-1969), as an example: 
1+2 / 11 / 1+9+6+9=25
3   11   2+5

Step 2: 

Add your 3 single totals together (and 11 and 22, where applicable) and continue to reduce down until you get a single-digit Life Path Number between 1 and 9. 

If a Life Path Number totals 11, 22 or 33, it doesn’t reduce down to 2, 4 or 6. It remains 11, 22 or 33 and becomes an 11/2, 22/4 or 33/6 Life Path Number. 


2+1=3 Life Path Number 

Find your Life Path Number below to discover your challenges and potential for success. 

Life Path Number 1 

Life Purpose: To become an ‘independent individual’ who walks a path less travelled and leads others. 

Challenges: To learn to stand on your own two feet and harmonize with others. To overcome feelings of being different, separated or alone. 

Potential For Success: To lead rather than follow. By using your individuality and uniqueness to your advantage you’ll enhance your ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 2 and 11/2 

Life Purpose: To become a ‘co-operative peacemaker’ who understands, comforts, supports, mediates and/or heals others. 

Challenges: To learn to master and balance your emotions. To overcome feelings of insecurity, inferiority and lack of self-worth. 

Potential For Success: To obtain a healthy balance between giving and receiving. By using your creative, supportive, mediating and healing abilities to help others, you’ll enhance your own ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 3 

Life Purpose: To become a ‘self-expressive creative’ who uses artistic, creative and/or communicative gifts to uplift others. 

Challenges: To learn not to criticize and complain, or exaggerate negativity and drama. To learn to be responsible, organized, disciplined and focused. 

Potential For Success: To express yourself in a healthy way. By using your personality, words, artistic, creative and/or communicative gifts for positive reasons, you’ll enhance your ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 4 and 22/4 

Life Purpose: To become a ‘dedicated worker’ who brings stability, organization and order to your environment and those around you. 

Challenges: To learn to be flexible and adapt to change. To persevere through challenges and overcome feelings of restriction and limitation. 

Potential For Success: To build a stable and secure foundation for your future. When you provide stability and order where there is disharmony and chaos, you’ll enhance your ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 5 

Life Purpose: To become a ‘freedom-living adventurer’ with a broad experience of life, and to pass on to others what you’ve learned. 

Challenges: To learn self-discipline and moderation. Rather than succumb to addiction (or other forms of escapism), you must find healthy ways to stimulate your senses. 

Potential For Success: When you use your personality, multi-talents, varied interests and gifts of communication to assist others, you’ll enhance your own ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 6 and 33/6 

Life Purpose: To become a ‘responsible caregiver’ who serves and supports the community, loved ones, friends and family. 

Challenges: To learn to accept the imperfections in yourself, others and the world. To find the middle ground between helping and over-helping, or assisting and enabling. 

Potential For Success: When you balance giving with receiving and work in service to others, you’ll enhance your ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 7 

Life Purpose: To become a ‘contemplative truth seeker’ and uncover your spiritual truth. 

Challenges: To learn to be tolerant, open and trusting of others. To overcome feelings of loneliness or alienation. To learn to express affection and emotion. 

Potential For Success: When you spend quiet time alone to contemplate the meaning of life and discover your spiritual truth, you’ll enhance your ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 8 

Life Purpose: To become a business-minded and/or empowered individual who leads alongside others. 

Challenges: To work through issues relating to personal power. To learn not to let anything (or anyone) disempower you, and not to disempower others. To overcome a victim mentality or poverty consciousness. 

Potential For Success: When you balance and embrace your personal power and adopt an attitude of abundance, you’ll enhance your ability to succeed. 
Life Path Number 9 

Life Purpose: To become a ‘compassionate humanitarian’ who contributes towards making the world a better place. 

Challenges: To learn to accept, let go and move on from misfortune of the past. To overcome feelings of abandonment. To learn to accept, and forgive anything that or anyone who has previously caused you pain. 

Potential For Success: When you live in service and rise above your judgement towards others, you’ll enhance your ability to succeed. 
As you can see, there is much to gain from understanding your numbers and using this ancient wisdom to improve your quality of life. Before I had a reading with a professional numerologist back in 1991, I used to think numerology was hocus-pocus. Now, 25 years later, I credit knowing my numbers as the reason for my happiness, self-confidence, improved relationships with others and successful career today! 
Your ‘Numbers’ Will Guide You Towards Your Greater Good 

In my 25 years of studying numerology, I’ve seen countless people improve their lives simply by gaining a deeper understanding of their personality and life’s journey through their numbers. By recognizing and embracing their life lessons, many of these people were able to improve their physical health by eliminating unnecessary stress from their lives. 

Whilst writing case study examples for my bestselling book, Numerology: Discover Your Future, Life Purpose and Destiny from Your Birthdate and Name, I was reminded of many incredible people who were able to step into their full power and make their dreams come true by working in harmony with their numbers, rather than push against that natural flow of energy. 

You see, the numbers in your numerology blueprint are patterns of energy guiding you in a specific direction for your greater good. When you surrender to the current, it will automatically take you where you need to go. In other words, when you follow your numerology blueprint it will bring you into alignment, which raises your vibration and enhances your connection to Source. Surely that’s an incentive to get to know your numbers? 
The Number One Self-Help Tool of Choice 

Because numerology is one of the most accurate, practical and easy-to-use forms of self-analysis and divination, it is fast becoming the most popular self-help tool of choice. Now, in the Modern Age, we are finally coming full circle by capitalizing on this valuable ancient wisdom of the past. 

The greatest benefit of numerology is the gift of insight. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and numerology provides the road map for your life so you have an idea of where you’re going and what to expect along the way. 

Whether you’re looking for greater self-awareness and a life of meaning, or you’re an intuitive reader, healer, life coach, oracle card reader, parent, teacher or therapist looking for deeper insight into others, numerology is the most accurate and practical tool available today. 

What Numerology Can Be Used for 

Numerology can be used for so many things, such as:
  • Greater self-awareness and understanding
  • Improving relationships through a better understanding of others
  • Forecasting your future, goal setting and planning major life events
  • Choosing a suitable career and evaluating relationship compatibility
  • Changing an ideal name for marriage (or other purpose)
  • Choosing a business name (product name, brand name, book title, etc.)
  • Decipher the energy of a house, street, product, business, website, animal (or anything else with a name)
  • Choosing a wedding date or naming a pet
  • Deciphering the meaning of recurring numbers
Forecasting the Future 

When it comes to forecasting the future each number brings its own unique experiences, challenges and opportunities. As a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner who specializes in numerology for manifestation, I discovered certain numerology cycles are more favourable than others when it comes to deliberate creation via the Law of Attraction. 

If you practice the Law of Attraction and would like to manifest your goals with greater ease, you need to know which numerology cycle you’re in so you can adjust yourself accordingly and ‘go with the natural flow’ of that particular energy. This is because by harmonizing with that energy you will raise your vibration and align with Source, which ultimately enhances your ability to attract. 

There are several forecasting cycles in numerology, however the ‘Personal Year’ and ‘Personal Month’ cycles influence your life the most on a daily basis. In the video below I will show you how to calculate these cycles and offer some advice as to how you can increase your ability to attract during this cycle.

I have a brand new Hay House online video course that will teach you everything you need to know about numerology and how it can be of benefit in your life – in an easy-to-understand way. By applying some of the techniques in this course, you will learn to live your best life through a new understanding of others and yourself. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. I hope it has opened your eyes to the life-changing opportunities this accurate system of divination presents. Numerology has enriched my life in so many ways and it has been an honour to introduce this valuable ancient wisdom to you. 

Whether or not you choose to take your relationship with numerology further, I’d really like to keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter. I hope to see you online where I can assist you in living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. 

Love and Blessings!


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