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What Dogs Would Love to Tell Us!

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What Dogs Would Love to Tell Us!

A Puppy Shares Her Thoughts
Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper More by this author
Jul 20, 2014 at 02:30 AM

All animals are on their own individual soul journey and each species has a mission. At the Cosmic Moment in 2012, 58% of animals moved into the 5th dimension. This number is now 73%. Animals are evolving more quickly than humans because they experience from the heart and the right brain, while we use the head and the left brain. They have much to teach us, as I discovered when Venus, my puppy, came into my life.

I had never had much to do with dogs, so when the angels kept whispering to me to get a puppy I could think of a dozen reasons why this was a bad idea. Still, they persisted, and I started to search the internet. It took months and I was beginning to feel I would never find the right one, until one evening an advertisement for Papajack puppies leapt out at me. Wow! Papillon mixed with Jack Russell! I knew instantly I had found my dog and phoned to arrange a meeting.

The following day my friend and I nervously rang the doorbell of a shabby house. We knew it was the right one, for it leaked a smell of dogs and a great volume of barking assailed us. When we were installed on a small sofa, the puppies were let out of their cage. They jumped over us, pulling our hair, play biting and pawing at us – except one.

Here are three important lessons I’ve learned about animals since Venus came into my life:

1) Dogs are psychic and Venus is very connected to the angels. She sees them and learns a great deal from them. When I took her to the vet for her first injections, this is how she described her visit in her diary, Venus, A Diary of a Puppy and Her Angel.

“I like the vet. She is a very nice lady who lets me have a sniff round her room, which is full of intriguing smells! Even more interesting, she has two lights with her. One is yellow and blue and it stands back watching. That’s her Guardian Angel. The other is her healing guide who helps her with the animals and he is blue green.“

2) Animals have to learn life’s lessons just as we do. Venus is a typically cocky little part terrier and thinks she is best at everything, even running. But after an encounter with a fast greyhound, Venus wrote:

“Mum says I am a great runner for my size, but there are dogs with very long legs specially designed for speed and I’ve just encountered one. I am deflated for a moment, but my angel touches my paw gently and reminds me that I am part terrier and I can sniff out rabbits better than any Daddy Long Legs dog. She says every animal has its own special qualities.”

3) Animals have natural friendships and those they dislike, just as we do. A big bully of a tabby called Brutus was living in our house with his owner when Venus first arrived. The little puppy tried all sort of ways of making friends with him, none of which succeeded. She wrote:

“My angels tell me love conquers everything, so I wag my tail nervously at him and act friendly. At first he ignores me so I approach him with my tail wagging. He hisses. I turn and run away fast.

My beautiful yellow angel smiles. ‘Good dog Venus. Wisdom is the better part of valour.’ If that means keep away from large hissing cats, I agree.”

Life with Venus is never dull, as you’ll see if you read her diary. She finds a dead body, falls in love, is led astray by a spirit dog, makes friends with the elementals, and her friend Wallace, a miniature schnauzer, is kidnapped. And all through her adventures the angels offer her wisdom and guidance. I learn every day from Venus. To me she is the best dog in the world. To learn more about her adventures, see our book, Venus, a Diary of a Puppy and Her Angel.




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