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What If God Had a Website?

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What If God Had a Website?

Messages from the Divine home page.
Dr. Roy  Martina
Dr. Roy Martina More by this author
Apr 18, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Imagine that God has a website. What keywords would you have to put in the search engine to find it? I would imagine words like universal love, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, heaven, peace, harmony, now, inspiration, truth, honesty, awareness, infinity, enlightenment. What else can you think of?

Perhaps guidance, angels, safety, eternity, source, life. Let’s imagine that we have logged onto this website. What would be on the home page?

God’s Home Page

This is God, the source of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. There is only good news to share with you; this website will guide you in a simple yet profound way to becoming more efficient at forgiving yourself and including yourself in my network of love, peace, harmony and compassion.

By following these guidelines, you will master this little game I set up for you that you call life. The rules are simple: there is no right or wrong. You cannot get lost. There are no sins. Sins are illusions created by man. You are not your body and you cannot be harmed or insulted. You cannot die because you are immortal. What dies are your beliefs, ideas and concepts. You were never born; you have chosen to experience being human to understand what you really are.

By finding out what you are not, you will know what you are.

You are responsible for your actions and thoughts, and you are responsible for handling the actions and thoughts of others. You cannot make mistakes, you can only be aware of what you are conscious of. By being unaware, you create circumstances that will help you to become aware. You will experience feelings of rejection, loneliness, sadness, grief, anger, fear, worry, intransigence and insecurity to remind you that you are not aware.

People will blame you as you will blame others for not being aware. You will judge others and they will judge you so you can show each other what you are not aware of. The most powerful tool that I can give you is the ability to remember that you are not aware.

You will project your fears and injustices on me, and believe I will punish you and send you to hell. This is the ultimate proof of your unawareness, because my love for you is the love for myself and I would never reject myself. Your thoughts and unresolved emotions are your worst enemies.

Your Inner Divine GPS

To lead you, I have given you a GPS (Global Positioning System) to show you the way home. This GPS is the voice of love and compassion; it will help you make the best choices in the maze of mirrors we call life. By asking the question, ‘Does this bring me closer to experiencing more love?’, you will get an answer from your heart. That will always be the right answer.

Universal Love as Healing

Love is the most powerful tool that we are given to do healing; there is nothing more effective than love. The secret is to give it to others universally. It will open you to a new awareness of being alive. Choose your words, intonation and attitude carefully, and use your eyes, face and body to express what you feel inside. When you start practicing universal love and putting your focus on it, you will find the world responsive. Show interest in others and encourage them; show them respect, gentleness and, most of all, compassion.

Once in a While, Do Something Extraordinary

Smile more and look people in the eye, acknowledge them and let them know their efforts are appreciated. Find the good in everyone; if there are things you want them to do differently, tell them first what is good about how they’re doing and then tell them what you think needs improvement. Keep that part short, do not judge, do not criticize and do not let it come between you. Finish with something positive or encouraging. Be kind, gentle and respectful to everyone, even those who don’t treat you this way in return.

Work on this every day from now on. If one day things don’t go the way you want, start over again the next. Soon this will become a habit, you will show love to everyone and feel good about it. Do not suppress anything, stay honest with yourself, this is not an act; it’s connecting with the Source of all.

Most Important Step

Every day, do a random act of kindness. That means looking around you and, whenever you see someone that you resonate with (positive or otherwise), approach this person, say something nice, offer your help and be kind to them.

Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘My love burns hot, but if there is still suffering in my world, my love does not burn hot enough!’ That is a beautiful example of how to take responsibility for all that is around you and to step into the power of action and help to be part of the change you want to see.

Thank you for visiting this website. If need be, come visit this website again; you will discover new information each time.
Be blessed and find peace in your heart.

Man’s best friend for eternity: God.

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Dr. Roy  Martina
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