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What Is Regression?

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What Is Regression?

How you can see the bigger picture.
Mira  Kelley
Mira Kelley More by this author
Nov 01, 2012 at 10:00 AM

I enjoy it greatly when people ask me, “What do you do?” It gives me an opportunity to tell them how much I love guiding people to explore past lives they have lived and to witness the emotional and physical healing that comes as a result.

After I share, people are always greatly intrigued. After all, you meet teachers, lawyers and doctors every day ... but past life regressionists? Now that is unusual. The question that inevitably follows is “How did you get into it?” I tell them that when I was 13 years old I read a book which detailed stories of regressions and showed how reliving their past lives allows people to release emotional traumas and cure ailments. Even though I had no illnesses and no emotional issues, I was greatly intrigued by the opportunity to see the bigger picture of who I am.

I regressed myself and I had a very dramatic experience. I saw myself as a Soviet spy during World War II. Working as a doctor was my cover. One of my patients was a very important Nazi general. I received orders to eliminate him. I felt that killing a man was not the right thing to do, yet it was of great importance for my country and for stopping an evil machine. I felt trapped and not seeing another option, I poisoned the general. I was quickly caught by the Nazis and was executed by an electric chair. I did not experience any pain or discomfort. I simply observed from above how at the moment of death, my spirit, which looked like white energy, lifted from the body. As my spirit was floating up, there was a great sense of serenity. In the black void a path of light appeared. There was a being of white light that awaited to greet my spirit. In that moment I knew that I would never be afraid of dying.

A question came from the recording I have made for myself, “What lessons did you have to learn?” Tears began rolling down my face as I felt the simplicity and the profound truth of the lesson: Be good; be loving. My first regression had a tremendous impact on my life. The need to be good and loving became of paramount importance to me. It even made me realize how appropriately my parents have named me. My full first name is Dobromira. It is a Slavic name composed of two words. “Dobro” means “good” and “mir” means “peace, world.” Following my regression, I chose to be someone who brings good to the world.

In my late 20s, regression powerfully influenced my life again. As a result of some dental work, I developed TMJ in my jaw. Following a year of pain, during which I made every imaginable effort to heal it, my dentist suggested that I either have an operation or learn to live with it. Neither option seemed appealing. I was desperate for a solution. That is when I remembered the regression I did as a girl. I quickly found a practitioner.

During my regression, I saw myself as a slave. There was a metal collar around my neck. It was very thick and heavy. I had four manacles that were placed around my wrists and my ankles. A chain was attached to the collar around my neck and continued down to the manacles. The metal collar was always there and was very uncomfortable. It rubbed my jaw and I had a permanent wound right where the main pain spot on the left side of my face was.

This vision had a powerful correlation to where I was in my life at that time. It allowed me to process the issues I was facing and to see new possibilities on how to deal with the challenges. The experience was very cathartic for me. The following day, I woke up without pain in my jaw. My dentist called my healing a miracle.

These are two examples of the powerful emotional transformation and physical healing that people experience during regression. It also allows them to communicate with their Higher Self, spirit guides and angels, and receive guidance when making important decisions or receive answers to life-long questions. It assists them in obtaining clarity on their life’s purpose. My clients are able to learn about their relationships with family members and close friends and what roles those people have played in other lifetimes they have shared with them. Gaining this understanding allows them to approach the relationships in present day with compassion, forgiveness and love.

The regression process itself is very gentle and very simple. By relaxing the body, the person is naturally able to tune into other lives they have lived. The information, guidance and healing are always there present for everyone to connect with them.

I ask people to approach doing a regression with trust. Because the person has been lead by spirit to work with me, through a personal session or through my guided regression Healing Through Past-Life Regression ... and Beyond, our time together has been divinely orchestrated. Therefore, all that will serve the person in their highest good is already available, waiting to be revealed to them.

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Mira  Kelley
Mira Kelley grew up in Bulgaria where at the age of 13 she had a powerful regression experience. Now Mira assists people in transforming their lives through regression. Stories from Mira’s sessions are included in Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Continue reading