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What Messages Do the Animals Have for You?

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What Messages Do the Animals Have for You?

Healing guidance from the creatures of the earth.
Dr. Steven D. Farmer
Dr. Steven D. Farmer More by this author
Jun 03, 2009 at 10:00 AM

IT WAS THE MORNING OF CHRISTMAS EVE, and I was saying my morning prayers, a sacred ritual I do every morning before going into the day, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a flurry of wings as all the birds that had been feeding outside the bedroom window quickly scattered. Since I leave birdseed there, it’s not unusual to see doves and a smattering of other birds on the deck and in the tree just outside. Something had alarmed them. As I looked outside, there perched on one of the branches a few feet away was a magnificent red-tailed hawk, solemnly gazing about, surveying his kingdom, supremely confident and poised, awaiting some instinctual signal for his next move.

It had been several months since I’d last seen this hawk, and since Hawk for a number of years has been a consistently profound and accurate messenger and spirit guide, I asked Hawk spirit the meaning of this visitation. What I heard in my head was, “Stay focused and don’t get distracted. Keep things in perspective.”

Straightforward and simple. Not cryptic or abstract at all. That’s the way I like my messages from Spirit—whoever is the messenger—and Hawk has always proven to be a trustworthy teacher and guide.

I was working on a book at the time and the manuscript was due in just five short weeks. I very much appreciated this counsel from Hawk. It takes discipline to write, and I confess that sometimes it’s easy to get distracted with any number of other seemingly important things, such as reorganizing my office, checking e-mail, or playing computer games.

So that morning I sat down at my computer and enthusiastically and diligently began writing, appreciative of my friend’s visit. My attention span lasted about 30 minutes, at which point I decided to check my e-mail. When I clicked on the button to access my account, however, nothing happened. The Internet wasn’t working! Suddenly I panicked, feeling as if this were a crisis of immense proportions. I called the Webmaster, but he wasn’t available for the next few hours, so I proceeded to spend the next three hours on the phone with the Internet company and Apple Computer, trying this and that with no success, growing increasingly frustrated and clenching of my fists and my gut. That morning following Hawk’s gentle reminder, I’d set an intention to get ten pages done, and now this incredibly urgent matter had come up to delay my progress!

Just when I felt like throwing things, the Webmaster appeared and after a few minutes of performing his computer wizardry, the Internet was up and running again. Of course, I immediately went online to check my e-mail. Since it was the day before Christmas, there was barely any at all.

I tried to remember why it had been such a critical matter to check my e-mail in the first place, but I couldn’t. Whatever my reason had been at the time, it was lost to what had seemed to be a matter of grave importance—getting the Internet working. Then I heard Hawk’s message again: “Stay focused and don’t get distracted. Keep things in perspective.”

It was like one of those old commercials where a guy slaps himself in the head and says, “I should have had a V8!” I laughed out loud at my follies. I had completely forgotten about Hawk’s beautiful and purposeful message and had created an entire drama around a very minor dilemma! The Internet could have easily waited, but instead became a convenient diversion from my writing. Oh, well—joke’s on me. Maybe Coyote was around, working his medicine.

So I dumped my computer games, put e-mail at the bottom of the list, and industriously and productively wrote for the rest of that day and every day for the next week. On the morning of January 1, guess who appeared once again in the tree outside my window? You got it—that same hawk. A gentle reminder from Hawk spirit—stay focused, don’t get distracted, and keep writing!

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Dr. Steven D. Farmer
Dr. Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D., is a shamanic practitioner, Soul Healer, ordained minister, and licensed psychotherapist. He’s the author of the best-selling Animal Spirit Guides, the Power Animal Oracle Cards, Power Animals, Sacred Ceremony, and Continue reading