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What The Angels Want You To Know

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What The Angels Want You To Know

Doreen Virtue Shares Wisdom From The Angels
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
May 22, 2017 at 04:45 PM

As a lifelong sensitive intuitive, I’ve seen that every person has two or more guardian angels with them at all times, usually stationed next to each shoulder. As you’ll read in my book, 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know, they are governed by God’s Law of Free Will with respect to the choices we make. You can hear my Hay House World Summit interview about this book called - Releasing Judgment to Choose Happiness for free here. 

The messages in the book discuss reality from the perspectives of both duality and nonduality because the angels can see both the real and the illusory worlds:

• Duality is the illusory world where it appears that we are all separated from one another, and it can feel like God is far away and perhaps isn’t hearing or answering our prayers.

• The world of nonduality is the real world God created. It means the complete awareness of—and respect for—the fact that you and I are one with God, the angels, and each other. The angels address both perspectives because we
tend to vacillate between both worlds.

Messages from the angels are the collective voice of God’s messages (which are one with Holy Spirit, Jesus, and our higher self), delivered to us by the Heavenly messengers.

Because angels have no egos, their messages are purely from God. As you’ll read in 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know, God’s vantage point of 100 percent pure love is a very high vibration. In fact, pure love is the highest possible vibration.

We can attain this vibration through having an open heart, praying, meditating, forgiving, connecting with nature, and so forth. This is when you feel a sense of oneness and of loving everyone with all your soul.

Such moments can be fleeting, though, as the “real world” pulls us down to a lower vibration where we judge ourselves or others. This leads to seeing ourselves as separated, which in turn brings up loneliness and
emotional pain.

That’s where the angels come in. They bridge the nonduality and duality worlds that we vacillate between. The angels can reach us and teach us, no matter how stressed, judgmental, or afraid we are.

Some of the messages in the book may cover knowledge that you already have, and serve as helpful reminders. I personally learned a lot while receiving the messages in this book, and discovered new perspectives
and practical guidance.

10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know was dictated to me by the angels after I asked for their guidance. They chose the topics, and they told me exactly what to write. In my earlier books, the angels explained answers to my questions about life and the world. In this book, I didn’t ask any questions, because the angels had a complete thesis to share. I simultaneously hear their collective voice in my ears while also receiving visions and intellectual downloads of information.

Interestingly, I paid my college tuition by working as a secretary for many years. As such, I’d type letters that my bosses dictated into a tape machine. When I type messages from the angels, I feel like a Heavenly secretary. Just like I would transcribe recordings while putting myself through school, I type the messages I receive exactly as I hear them, without any of my own opinions or thoughts.

It’s pure dictation, and you’ll feel the high vibration of the angels’ messages as you read them. My prayer is that reading this book will help you develop an even clearer connection with your own Divine guidance. May the messages open you to hearing God’s personal messages for you.

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