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What Wholeliness Can Do

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What Wholeliness Can Do

Your piece of the puzzle counts!
Carmen  Harra
Carmen Harra More by this author
Jul 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM

When people are united by similar ambitions and come together with the intention of helping to heal the world, they can accumulate the force of an unstoppable hurricane. The energy of the universe enters their bodies, minds, and souls and endows them with the power to produce constructive change. Individuals find themselves encouraging each other and employing their own strengths to compensate for the weaknesses of those around them.

Each person adds one more source of willing energy, and this continues until there’s enough to actually transform the world. There’s a reason the Divine blessed individuals with a few specific talents: if we’re each good at something, then together we’re good at everything! Working together in a spirit of wholeliness and cooperation, every one of us experiences being a piece that composes and serves the complete whole. Divinely inspired momentum builds quickly because we’re united, drawing upon everyone’s talents.

Having said all that, while progress will come at the appropriate time, at this moment humanity is in a season of change, and this process must inevitably start with some discomfort. Therefore, you may feel pessimistic during this stage and wonder what you can possibly do to make a difference in this troubled world. Maybe you work with others for a common cause and feel dispirited at times when, despite your efforts to defuse the situation, the group gets bogged down in petty disagreements.

You might be a very positive and giving person, yet you find that some people don’t respond when you act kinder, more lighthearted, or more compassionate. This is not because you’re failing to make a difference, I promise you.

Many individuals are simply overwhelmed by their feelings of fear, anger, and sadness. They look around and see greed and selfishness and start to believe that they have to be tough or even cruel to protect themselves. They worry that others can’t be trusted to do their jobs, and as a result, they become more controlling. People who are fearful can develop a hard shell that doesn’t let anything in very easily. If you encounter these individuals often, you might start to wonder if you’re the only one who is hopeful and cheerful. You may even start to think that you’re a little crazy for not buying into the doubts and cynicism of others. You’re not!

Additionally, I’m sure that there are days when you turn on the television and it seems as if humankind is further away than ever from achieving a harmonious, healthy, and functional society. (Who doesn’t feel this way?) Or you might feel worn down by the squabbles between family members, neighbors, and others who seem bent on creating conflict. But if you keep working on transforming yourself on the inside, others will recognize how peaceful you are and be inspired to adopt your habits. If you slip into pessimism, remember that you can’t see everything that’s happening in the world or inside people’s minds. Your patience and compassion might be affecting people more profoundly than you imagined.

The human species is nearly at the tipping point, and a huge shift in global consciousness is inevitably approaching. Whatever you’re doing to create a sense of inner peace and joy, continue to do so and have faith in its power. Whatever you’re doing to effect positive change in your family, your workplace, and the larger community, keep it up and don’t get discouraged. Your efforts, and those of like-minded individuals, will very soon pay off in a monumental way.

If you’re skeptical, think back to the biggest shifts you’ve experienced in your own life. Pressure built . . . and then, seemingly from out of nowhere, dramatic change occurred, didn’t it? Often when a big moment finally comes, it spreads at the speed of light. Have patience and faith. 

When a change is in the works, you can’t always see its effects. That’s because, as I’ve previously said, it begins on the inside when people start to think and perceive differently. It’s impossible to peer inside their heads and know that they’re preparing for a shift. Very often, they’re simply waiting for the moment when someone else makes the first move. Then an army of supporters is suddenly behind that first person, willing to step out or speak up. How many people does it take before the effect is great enough to cause the larger whole to embrace courageous transformation? A quote that has often been attributed to anthropologist Margaret Mead says: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” I would add that we should never doubt that a small group of those who hold compassion and love in their hearts can change humanity. In fact, we’re about to see that happen.

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Carmen  Harra
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