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What Would You Love to Create?

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What Would You Love to Create?

Four feelings to help you focus.
John F. Demartini
John F. Demartini More by this author
Oct 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM

It’s essential to concentrate upon the things that you’d love to be, do, and have in life. When I was filmed for my part in The Secret (a film devoted to the “how” of manifesting one’s dreams), I emphasized that your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost tangible reality. In other words, you’ll move your life in the direction of what is most on your mind.

Since you’re always thinking about something, it is wise to consciously focus your thoughts upon how you can live according to your highest values. Fill your mind with what is most important to you, and tap into the inspiring thoughts and ideas that you would love to bring into reality. Note that whenever you think about activities that are associated with your lower values (unless you’re planning ways to delegate them or linking them to your highest values), they can become frustrating boulders that seem to momentarily block your path.

When your goals are aligned with your highest values, and what you’d love to achieve absolutely reflects your authentic self, then you’ll automatically think about those goals. When you’re grateful for your challenges, for yourself, and for those around you—and you’re appreciative for the way it is—you have the power to create and shape your life. To put it simply, you bring about what you think and “thank” about.

When you think about fulfilling your highest values, you’ll be inspired. And when you feel inspired, you increase your ability to create or uncover opportunities that will help you achieve your goals. With this powerful outlook, you not only impact every aspect of your life, but you also affect the rest of the world.

There are four primary feelings that assist you in living your dream. They emerge when you tune in to your inner wisdom and maintain harmony with your highest values. They are as follows:

  1. Gratitude. Gratitude is the gateway to the heart that allows your authentic self to radiate outward to those around you. It is a genuine appreciation of yourself, other people, and the world. When you feel grateful for what you have, you’ll receive more of what you love and the power to transform your life.
  2. Unconditional Love. Unconditional love is having an open heart and no desire to change yourself or others. You feel content about your life and the Universe as it is. It is a poised, present, powerful, and patient state of heart and soul.
  3. Inspiration. Inspiration is an expression of living according to your highest values. When you’re focused on fulfilling what is important to you, it’s nearly impossible not to live a purposeful and meaningful life. People naturally desire to be in your company when you are inspired and love what you do.
  4. Enthusiasm. Everyone loves to be served by and in the company of people who are enthusiastic about what they do. Enthusiasm is a magnetic feeling that will give you incredible influence in your social circles, workplace, family environment, and other areas of life.

When you embrace these feelings, your body and mind will be in harmony, and you’ll increase your ability to attract and/or create your desired outcome. Every cell in your body will experience an accompanying state of certainty, presence, inspiration, and gratitude. Remember, you feel that “you can” when you’re aligned with your highest values, and believe “you can’t” when you are not. Doubt comes about when you’re pursuing something that is low on your values list.

Your self-confidence correlates to how you’re feeling, and of course, how you feel impacts what you focus on and ultimately manifest. Your self-image decides your destiny! Concentrate on these four powerful feelings throughout the day, and nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

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John F. Demartini
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