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Where Are You Going?

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Where Are You Going?

Charting your life’s sacred course.
Colette  Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid More by this author
Dec 01, 2011 at 09:00 AM

Imagine . . . between the visible and the unseen is a guiding force that some call Spirit, the Holy Will, the Divine, the Field, or Consciousness. This force is ever-creative, causing shifts and changes in the world—in your world—transforming you as the journey of your life evolves. You are part of that Consciousness, too: influencing, dreaming, deciding, loving, choosing, and intending as you send out your own intentional signal, like an integral note in a symphony. Using oracle cards will connect you to the larger Consciousness. When you choose one, it symbolizes how you’re in alignment with this vast intelligence that can show you what you’re unable to see or understand unaided.

The Enchanted Map cards are meant to become your personal guide to explore the path you’re on, chart a new course, retrace your steps to understand how you got to where you are, or perhaps choose another destination altogether. They’ll provide you with insight, as well as deeper questions to consider as you seek to understand yourself and your purpose in the world. They’ll help you with all aspects of your journey: the relationships you engage in, the work you do, and the lessons you must learn in order to explore the sacred contract you made when you chose to come here as a spirit and take human form.

As with any divination system, these cards can be used as a predictive oracle, but their greatest and most powerful purpose is to empower you to make conscious, creative choices and know the next right action (or the consequences of a choice you may make). These oracle cards were devised to help you see the patterns that repeat throughout your life, and provide guidance on how to shift any that are self-sabotaging.

They show you the continuity of your steps and remind you that life is meant to be an adventure. They prompt you to recall that whenever you’re confused about your experience, you need to consult your intuition. If you’re willing to bypass reason and logic and draw upon your imagination and inner knowing, you can enter another place of self-discovery where you’re able to shape your reality.

The more you use these cards, the better you’ll understand their messages, as you develop a dynamic relationship with them and add your own meanings to their wisdom. And the more you exercise your conscious awareness and commitment to co-create your life, the more magic you’ll begin to see, with synchronicities beckoning to you along your adventurous journey on your Enchanted Map! 

How to Do a Reading 

Always approach a reading as a sacred act of inquiry. Never ask frivolous questions; otherwise, the cards are likely to send you on a wild-goose chase. The same will happen if you pose the same question over and over again, hoping to get the answer you want.

The cards are your sacred helpers, bridging the worlds of the unseen and the material. So when you begin, say your prayer, blessing the cards and thanking them for their guidance. Quiet your mind. Then think of a question that doesn’t require a yes/no answer.

Here are some examples of appropriate questions:

  • What is the nature of this situation?
  • How will this situation progress?
  • What do I need to know or focus on today?
  • What do I need to know about my relationship?
  • How can I best serve the highest good in this situation?
  • What can I expect from this relationship/job/person?
  • What is the next right action that will help me progress on my path?
  • If I take my intended action, what will be the result?

These cards are meant to strengthen your intuition and help you trust it more. Allow your higher knowing to show you the way, and don’t be afraid to ask again if the answer isn’t clear. Your relationship to the oracle cards will grow and only get better over time.

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Colette  Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual medium and bestselling inspirational author published in 27 languages. Her bestselling med Continue reading