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Which Candidates Can You Trust?

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Which Candidates Can You Trust?

Let their faces reveal all!
Jean  Haner
Jean Haner More by this author
Nov 06, 2012 at 09:00 AM

It’s Election Day here in the States and we’re visiting the polls to elect our next U.S. President and Vice President. The competition is heated and the race is close, so many of us are still deciding who will be the best team to help heal our country. How do you cut through the political rhetoric and find out who each candidate really is? According to Hay House author Jean Haner, their faces tell all!

For more than 25 years, Jean studied the ancient principles of Chinese face reading. Through her amazing work (The Wisdom of Your Face and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face), she has uncovered how certain facial features and markings on your face can reveal deeper truths about you.

What do the faces of these presidential and vice-presidential candidates reveal?


With the face of Democratic nominee President Barack Obama, one of the first things many people notice is that his ears stick out! In face reading, this indicates a highly independent spirit, someone who thinks for himself, and is less likely than most people to respond to pressure to conform.

His hairline goes across in a straight line, as opposed to being irregular or curved, for example. This is the mark of someone who may challenge the status quo; and who’s especially concerned with fixing what’s wrong with a system. If the existing rules don’t seem to be doing any good, he’ll feel driven to change them.

President Obama’s eyebrows grow in straight, horizontal lines, rather than curved or peaked, for instance. One of the many important messages our eyebrows give is how we make decisions. His straight eyebrows show that he values logic and reason, and that he feels it’s essential to take time to evaluate a problem before coming to a conclusion and taking action.

His jaw is well defined but not exaggerated in size. The strength of the jaw indicates the strength of someone’s convictions. Too strong a jaw means that someone is too judgmental and rigid in their beliefs, kind of a “my way or the highway” attitude. Instead, President Obama’s jaw reveals a man who has strong values and beliefs but is willing to listen to others’ opinions.

His indented temples show a tendency toward compulsiveness, which is usually seen in people as workaholism or compulsive exercising.


One thing you might easily notice in a photo of Democratic nominee Vice President Joe Biden is that his left eye is held more widely open than his right eye. In face reading, your eyes give many messages, but some of the most important are how you feel about communication. Basically, the right half of someone’s face is said to be the “public” side – the information that person is willing to share with the outside world. The left half of the face is the “private” side – where you can read their inner feelings, what they’re really going through inside.

With Mr. Biden’s face, there are lines on his face that show he carries a deep and old grief. This could very well have to do with the death of his wife and daughter and the severe injuries to his sons in a terrible car accident back in the 1970s. So his narrow right eye actually means that he’s keeping that grief private and not burdening the rest of the world with it.

His wider left eye is something I often see in people who are public figures or who work with other people on a deep level, such as doing therapy or healing work. This kind of eye means he’s taking in a lot of information about you while he’s talking with you, but he’s doing this privately, so you’re not made uncomfortable. It actually comes from a genuine place of wanting to “read” you so that he can establish rapport and understand where you’re coming from, to take in what you’re communicating to him.


There is one major pattern immediately apparent on the face of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. He could have been sent from Central Casting to fill the role of “businessman.” The rectangular shape of his face, his thick eyebrows, indented temples, fleshy nose, strong chin and a few other fine details are all classic messages of someone who could find great success in business, as he has.

These aspects of Romney’s face reveal that he is good at setting goals and achieving them. He’ll excel at creating a strategy to get from Point A to Point B and then concentrate on doing the work to get there in the most efficient way possible.

He values a logical, linear approach to everything. In his world, it’s really very simple: You set a goal, create an action plan to achieve it, and you go step by step until you reach that goal.

Romney actually doesn’t have a very strong jaw. It’s really his chin that’s the largest feature in his lower face, and it makes it seem like his jaw is also big. The messages I’m seeing is someone who does have drive and strong values but at the same time privately struggles with low confidence and self-doubt. This can actually be a good thing because otherwise, he might be too confident or set in his ways!

Romney has a rounded upper forehead, which signifies an intuitive nature. But the message of this forehead is modified by his rectangular face shape, thick eyebrows and indented temples, which all talk about someone who doesn’t value intuition or instincts, or would be too embarrassed to admit he does!


There is one very strong theme I immediately see when I look at the face of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan: it’s what I call the “Warrior” – a man who’s incredibly driven. This is shown in his very large and highly-defined jaw, his eyebrows, indented temples, the wrinkles between his eyebrows, the rectangular shape of his face, and his complexion.

For one thing, that means Ryan is likely to be very physically active, highly competitive and probably interested in sports,. But of course this extremely driven and competitive nature is also the perfect personality for a politician – it means he likes to win, and he’ll do everything he can to come out on top.

However, these same patterns also show a person who genuinely wants to create positive change in the world, to make it a better place, and this probably is one of the reasons he chose politics as his career.

His impressive jaw especially signifies that he’s quite judgmental and may be quick to reject anyone who doesn’t agree with him. In his world, it’s “my way or the highway” – He’s not easily able to listen to all sides of an argument or to consider other people’s ideas or concerns, though he may give the impression he does so.

He has a cleft chin, and this is often a sign of someone who just naturally ends up in the spotlight in some way. It also means he does need to be “seen” and appreciated in life and wouldn’t be happy working behind the scenes in any situation.

Note: When I do a face reading for anyone in politics, I need to set any of my own views aside and approach the reading neutrally and objectively, to just communicate the facts of what I see. So please know there is no veiled effort here to push any agenda or make negative or positive judgments. I am simply reading the information presented on his face.

If you want more details about how the wrinkle on Obama’s chin or Romney’s low eyebrows may affect the fate of the country, you can click here and read the entire story of Jean’s revelations about the candidates’ faces in her blog.

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