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Who’s the Fool?

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Who’s the Fool?

He is your truth serum.
Sonia  Choquette
Sonia Choquette More by this author
Apr 01, 2012 at 10:00 AM

The “Fool” is the universal archetype of our witness self, the eternally objective Divine voice who resides within all of us. He observes as we journey through the human experience, pointing out what we sometimes refuse to acknowledge. He states the truth; reveals our blind spots, mind games, denials, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities; and helps us recognize the folly of living from the ego’s limitations when we’re meant to live as holy and Divine creative beings.

The Fool invites you to see through your veil, past your hidden agenda, and beyond the world of outer appearances so that you can become the spiritually liberated, authentic, unlimited individual you’re designed to be. By tapping into the Fool’s wisdom, you’re ensured the feedback of the one who only seeks the best for you and guides you to the greatest growth for your evolution. The Fool is truth serum. In history, his role in society was to assist the king by commenting (having been granted immunity by his highness) on all activities going on in the court—both obvious and hidden.

Regardless of the situation, the Fool is forthright; his remarks are unedited. He sheds light yet acts out shadows at the same time. He speaks truthfully and manipulates appearances all at once. Consider him the quality-control manager of your experiences, checking for weaknesses, shaky foundations, and faulty perceptions . . . and then he craftily reflects them back to you. An unapologetic mirror, he reveals all that you’re creating so you’re aware of your own power and how you’re using it.

Everything that the Fool is, you are. Study the Fool as he comes to you because he reveals sides that you may deny or ignore, or are even unaware of. Know thyself, and you will know the God within.

You can seek the Fool’s wisdom on any subject at any time. Use my Fool’s Wisdom oracle cards to attain personal growth; deeper insights; and clarity into any situation, relationship, decision, interaction, or question you may be facing. Consult the Fool’s wisdom daily and it will shed light on all the blind spots and shadows that keep you from living your highest truth. Each of the Fools carves a pathway to a more authentic life.

Meditate on the many faces of the Fool and you’ll learn to be more discerning, objective, and effective in your perceptions, behaviors, reactions, choices, and affairs. You’ll come to embrace and deeply value your own inner Fool—your Divine witness and wise self.

Listen to the Fool’s counsel without defense. Be receptive to his impartial and crafty yet, ultimately, genuine feedback. Enjoy his way, which is direct and surprising. Most of all, he is a means to better knowing yourself—both shadows and strengths—empowering you to live your truth in all moments with all people in your life.

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Sonia  Choquette
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