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Who Says You’re Too Busy to Vacation?

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Who Says You’re Too Busy to Vacation?

Let your inner child take over.
Sonia  Choquette
Sonia Choquette More by this author
Jul 16, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Summer is in full glory right now here in Chicago and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a strong need to put all work projects aside and go outside and play. In fact I'm writing this from my front porch, sitting on the swing, with a fresh tall glass of lemonade in front of me. My intuition tells me it is time to take a real vacation from my day- to- day responsibilities and let my inner child take over a bit and have some fun. That is what summer is about. It is the cycle for relaxing, letting go, renewing, discovering, having unstructured free time, taking a break from routine, leaving time in the day to sit on the porch in the rocking chair and watch the world go by. In this economic atmosphere, vacation might seem out of the question, yet summer vacation doesn't have to cost money. All it takes is a little imagination and a little time.

As six sensories, we need time spent doing nothing but relaxing. Stepping away from the routines of the thinking mind opens us to subtle realms, the day-dreaming mind, and this is where we make contact with our higher self, our spirit guides, and divine helpers. We need a vacation from the left brain to visit the right brain, and it should be taken often.

Taking the time to sit outside and notice the world passing by is one free way to go on vacation. Noticing the world around us, seeing what is really there, right now in present time, taking it in, observing, watching, listening, and having the space to actually feel what we are experiencing is an essential part of activating and strengthening our intuition.

With the introduction of so many tech toys now (iPads, iPhones, computer games—you name it—as compelling as they are to play with), too much time spent on these mechanical devices threatens our ability to tap into our intuitive faculties. I have as many of these toys as anyone, and I know how one can get lost in them, and yet we must contain the time they take up in our day so they do not steal us away from having direct and intimate contact with life.

Touching life directly is what opens the door to intuition. Some of my greatest intuitive breakthroughs came when I was doing just that. For example, I was lying on the grass in front of the University where I went to school when my guides told me to go to the Dean to ask to go to France after I had been denied, and it worked. I went to France. I was riding my bike along the lakefront at dawn every morning one summer when my entire book The Intuitive Spark was downloaded, chapter –by-chapter before the summer sun rose. I was at a backyard barbecue when I suddenly had the impulse to check on a certain house I had seen earlier that summer, which later became the home we moved into, and still live in. These blessings all showed up in the course of having summer fun, making direct contact with life.

Einstein once said most of his breakthroughs came about when he was playing. So it makes sense that an entire season should be devoted to it. It's good for all of us. When we play we access our creativity and invent the most glorious of things, whether solutions for ourselves or the world. That's why we must check in to see if, as intuitives, we are getting an adequate dose of summer play and fun to keep our intuition sharp.

Start by asking, what is your favorite way to play?

My family likes to play together. We all take walks together, go on bike rides together, pile in the bed to watch Modern Family together, sit on the porch together, and best of all, just hang out together. We tell stories, brainstorm, argue at times, but mostly laugh. I grew up doing this and I still do this today. It's the most fun of all, and summer is when we do this the most often.

What kind of fun are you having lately? Have you tried hula-hooping? Have you taken any walks in new neighborhoods lately?  Have you tried eating any strange ethnic food? Or sat on the porch or in the park, or on the terrace with family and friends and a glass of lemonade and watched the world go by? It's so much fun. Try it.

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