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Who Will Be There at the End?

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Who Will Be There at the End?

Let it be a Soul Midwife.
Felicity  Warner
Felicity Warner More by this author
Sep 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM

“Isn’t working as a soul midwife sad and depressing?” A lot of people nervously ask me this when they hear that I care for the dying.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel very sad at times… but working with someone at the very edge of life, in their final weeks or even hours, offers a connection with the human soul you are working with and the “divine.”
Privilege is an overworked noun these days, but working one-on-one in this sacred space (a place where even angels may fear to tread) is probably the most profound work on the planet.

Let me explain. Soul midwives offer deep companionship to anyone facing the end of life and we support our “friends” as we call them by offering them a range of gently nurturing, loving therapies such as being swaddled in soft blankets, massage, a session of beautiful music, meditation, and anointing with exquisite and sacred oils. We are also there to give spiritual support and encourage deep conversation, love and dignity. There is almost nothing that a soul midwife won’t do to give tender loving care.

Dying is a complex process at soul level. But as the physical body diminishes and loses its strength there is often a blossoming of inner life. Just like a quickening when the soul merges with the baby before birth there is a similar spark of energy close to dying when suddenly the soul essence becomes dominant over the physical.

It’s an amazing moment when you sense, sitting at the bedside of a dying person, that this shift has just taken place. Until then, the person has been rooted in life—going to work, coming home, eating dinner, mowing the lawn or washing up, watching the TV and so on.

But when this soul shift takes place, the “friend” simply transcends the daily humdrum of the ordinary world and makes a connection between heaven and earth.

As this happens, their light body (energetic structure) changes. Soul Midwives are sensitive enough to both “see” and “feel” this shift. One of the miracles of sharing the dying process is the extraordinary sense of grace that embraces everyone who is involved.

Because there is such a famine of the soul in our busy western world, most people don’t have the time or inclination to do much soul work before they die. What a missed opportunity this is. If you learn to listen to your own soul, to meet with it often, you can become a visionary in your own life and live every day to its fullest.

Your soul is your oldest, wisest and closest friend. It loves you completely, tenderly and it’s eternal. It is also your constant companion.

Soul midwives often re-introduce their “friends” back to their souls in those final moments of life.  As this happens, it feels like both of you are being held in a huge and comforting cosmic hug. This is why working with the dying and being a soul midwife is never depressing.

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Felicity  Warner
Felicity Warner has trained many hundreds of people from all walks of life in her methods, which are now widely used in hospices across the world. She also runs The Soul Midwive's School in Continue reading