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Why Be Bored?

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Why Be Bored?

Try something new right now!
Sonia  Choquette
Sonia Choquette More by this author
Sep 20, 2011 at 10:00 AM

I just returned from several weeks of travel and teaching abroad and I am now at home enjoying a bit of downtime. One of the reasons (among the more obvious of seeing my family and sleeping in my own bed) I love being home so much is that it gives me an opportunity to check in with my spirit on a deeper level. I relax, I get grounded, I rejuvenate, and most of all, I focus on what I want to create and experience next, which is my favorite sport of all. Creating!

Many of my students have asked ask me what their purpose in life is, what are they meant to do to find meaning and satisfaction in their lives. The answer is simple. The purpose of life is to accept that we are powerful co-creative beings of spirit and to use our power to create well. Our purpose is to recognize our gifts and to use them to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Our purpose as humans is to leave behind our victim-centered beliefs and attitudes and take responsibility for our gorgeous gift of life.

Our purpose is to love large, serve with grace, appreciate our blessings, and have fun while doing it. Our purpose is to either find our meaning in our work itself, or if not that, meaning in working for the love and betterment of our families and all people, and the world itself.

If we are going through a difficult time, or are suffering in some way, (which many of us are right now) our purpose is to suffer with nobility and dedicate our suffering to the betterment of the world, knowing it does help.

If you are feeling bored or disconnected from life, then you have lost touch with your spirit and awareness of the many blessings and gifts God has given you. To cure boredom stop holding yourself back from life and take a risk. Stop being controlling or focused more on concern for your comfort over your truth and commit to living in more integrity with your authentic self. Take a chance and get involved in something bigger than you. Goodness knows the world has ample opportunities to choose from. 

Try serving the neighborhood in which you live as a start. Join in on an effort to make your own back yard more beautiful. Even if the effort is yours and yours alone, at least you are stepping into life and being part of it, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines watching.

In other words, let this be the season to create something new and beautiful in your life. Release what no longer works as gracefully as possible. Knowing full well it is a challenge, do so anyway.

To get started here’s a hint. To create something new you must first let go of what you are presently holding onto that no longer holds value or fulfills your heart. And the letting go part must come before the reaching out part.

Unfortunately life is helping us let go with unusual force these days. Some of us are undergoing tremendous losses that have come out of the blue. Others are facing the unexpected ending of long-term relationships, jobs, friendships, even our homes, and more. It may feel overwhelming.

Just realize though, that while loss is hard, all that we lose is making room for something greater. It is now up to us to envision and call in that something greater, rather than simply suffering the loss. Take time to grieve what is passing away of course. It is an important part of the healing process to do so. My grief for the loss of my sweet dog last month is barely beginning to subside, but having allowed it, I am now feeling her spirit at play with mine, and I am reconnecting with her loving divine energy.

Once through loss and the grief it brings, it is time to create anew. And with that opportunity our spirit revives, expands, and grows because it loves to create.

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Sonia  Choquette
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