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Why Keeping Secrets Is Bad For Your Health

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Why Keeping Secrets Is Bad For Your Health

How to Open Your Heart and Let Love In
Kathe Crawford
Kathe Crawford More by this author
Jun 26, 2018 at 01:45 PM

 In my new book Unlocking Secrets My Journey to An Open Heart, I share my journey of hiding in the shadows of my secrets to embracing the light of absolute authenticity.

As someone who has devoted most of my life to keeping secrets, I’ve come to learn that secrets steal our life force, makes us sick, destroy our relationships, and drains us of our creativity. We spend more time and energy thinking about our secrets than actually protecting them.

 Keeping Secrets:

We often keep secrets to protect those we love from hurt or pain.

Infidelity, addiction, job loss, are best kept to ourselves.

We don’t want to cause disruption or rock the boat, thinking it’s easier to skim the truth than to be honest.

Over time, secrets become the foundation of our thoughts, everything we feel, every action we take block us and keep us stuck in the story.

The Cost of Keeping Secrets:

Concealing the truth is like swallowing slow-acting poison: over time it erodes our confidence and self – esteem, preventing us from living the life we long for.

 Secrets, big or small robs us of our ability to fully connect with the people in our lives. Our ability to cope with daily life becomes a challenge, leaving us feeling isolated, inadequate and not enough.

 Keeping secrets creates a wall that separates us from others, when we find the courage to share our secret the walls become bridges.

 We all long for love, support and acceptance but instead we are ruled by fear.

When we hide pieces of ourselves or our past we close our heart to love and connection.

 How can we accept love from others when we don’t believe we are even worthy of our own love?

 Every day that we chose to live in secret we tell ourselves we are not lovable or worthy, and it’s better to hold on to our stories rather than face the truth…that we are beautiful and brilliant and deserving of so much more.

 Every day we can make the choice to live in love or live in fear.

What choice will you make today…

The Best Kept Secret:

We all long for love and acceptance. When we hide, we push away the people that truly care about us. We close ourselves off from our own self, pushing away what we long for most….love.

By learning to accept who we are, our hearts begin to open, discovering the love that we are searching for is right inside of us.

Find out more about secrets, in Unlocking Secrets, My Journey to An Open Heart!

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Kathe Crawford
Kathe Crawford is a Certified Transformational Life Coach and RYT yoga and meditation teacher. She is a spiritual mentor devoted to opening hearts and leads workshops on Finding and Reclaiming Your Voice. She is a successful sales and Continue reading