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Why We Dream

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Why We Dream

And how the angels guide you.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jan 22, 2013 at 09:00 AM

As a student of spirituality, you already know the impact of your thoughts and feelings upon your health and happiness, and the manifestation of abundance. In fact, they affect every area of your life. You know that the more you hold positive thoughts, the better your life flows. Yet we all have unconscious beliefs or emotions that affect our daily actions. You also may unconsciously absorb other people’s negativity. If you harbor hidden negativity, you have unknowingly been blocking or sabotaging your own happiness.

Fortunately, our nightly dreams reveal these unconscious patterns so that we can become aware of the underlying mental and emotional causes of situations we want to improve, heal, or eliminate. That’s why it’s essential to notice and understand our dreams.

Many people complain that they don’t dream or that they can’t recall any of the content. In reality, everyone dreams nightly. However, people may not consciously recall their dreams. Dream recollection is a habit requiring patience and persistence to develop, and my Angel Dreams Oracle Cards can be an important tool of assistance.

Since these cards are basic dream symbols, connecting with them on a daily basis will help your dreams become more vivid and easier to decode. Taking time to understand the symbols through study and meditation each day will help your unconscious mind bring forward those in your dreams. The more you connect to the symbols in these cards, the more you will begin to remember and understand your dreams.

These cards were created for novice and expert alike, to help you connect with your nightly dreams. With the help of the angels, you can manifest your heart’s desire. Intended to be used as an oracle, this deck will also familiarize you with some basic dream symbols. For example, if you see green in your dream, you can learn what this color symbolizes by looking at the “Green” oracle card and then referring to the explanation in this guidebook.

These cards will offer you the opportunity to explore the magnitude of the colorful world of dream journeying. You may draw one card daily or use a spread of three or more to determine future events and receive guidance like a conscious “waking dream” oracle.

When you use this deck, you are receiving messages from Source and your angels through each card you pull. Not only are these oracle cards helpful for prophecy, support, and advice, but they will also attune you to your personal dream time. They’ll deepen your understanding of dreams and awaken your subtle dream bodies—vital forces facilitated by exposure to cosmic energy at night. The more you expand and open up to your dream time, the more you’re able to create and manifest the life you desire.

There are 55 cards in this dream deck. The number 55 imbues the deck with its vibration as the Way Shower, leader to the light. This number also contains the vibration of change, whole-brain thinking, quantum spirituality, telepathy, clairvoyance, and ultimate freedom and oneness.

Upon awakening in the morning, you may want to refer to some of the symbols in the deck if you need a reference for the images from your dreams during the night. This deck comprises basic dream symbols that can help you interpret and understand the content of your personal dreams.

The herb and crystal cards can also be used as a tool to focus your mind before sleep. You can meditate on these cards. By doing so, you can manifest the topic you dream about. For example, if you focus on the hawthorn card before bedtime, you can dream about a future situation, because you are connecting to the qualities and energies of hawthorn. This connection acts as a key that brings forward prophetic dreams. The crystal and herb cards can also be used for many other things. For example, the selenite card can help you recall your dreams.  Meditate or focus on it before bedtime. By tuning in to this card, you are connecting to selenite’s qualities and energies, which will help you remember your dreams upon awakening.

Get to know the cards by pulling a daily, weekly, or monthly card. Sit with its energy or meditate upon the picture on the front. Place a card on your altar. You might even want to put one under your pillow at night to bring in deeper understanding. Enjoy the journey!

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