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Why We Need Earth Angels Now

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Why We Need Earth Angels Now

Use Your Gifts To Help Heal The Planet
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Dec 03, 2014 at 08:45 AM

My book Earth Angel Realms offers new descriptions of the many types of angelic beings who have incarnated on Earth to contribute their special gifts to our world. To all of them, we say: We’re counting on you, and thank you for being on the planet at this time! With your great loving energy, you’re helping us just by being here. And yet—as you’re well aware—you signed up for so much more. You elected to come here at a crucial time in our planet’s history to effect great change, utilizing your natural resources of talents combined with harmonious actions.

Unless the mass populace takes a different approach to the environment and each other, life as we know it may not continue. You’re here to teach alternatives. You’ll know what to teach by noticing which issues fuel your passions, excitement, worry, or anger. For example, you might be here to teach us, your fellow human beings, how to manifest material needs so that we don’t compete, steal, or go to war to get our share. Or perhaps you’re here to teach about the vital necessity of protecting our air, water, and soil quality. Maybe it’s in your soul contract to teach healthier ways to raise and educate children. There are hundreds of vital topics to teach right now.

Be A Role Model For Others

How do you teach? Any way that you can—for instance, by being a role model, authoring books and articles, sending letters to editors of publications, posting and signing petitions on social media sites, organizing or attending peaceful rallies, boycotting, taking action within educational and government systems, and/or giving speeches or making media appearances.

One thing is clear: We need Earth Angels who are willing to be leaders. Old systems that lack integrity are beginning to fall, such as corporations and churches with histories of abuse. The new energy will no longer support or hide dark energy. Darkness within the educational, government, and legal systems will also cause them to wobble. As these changes occur, Earth Angel leaders (such as you) can guide people away from panic and pessimism, and toward a focus on letting the old be replaced with something better. We’re all counting on you to take the reins of your life purpose and embrace it fully. Any step that you take is helpful and sorely needed right now . . .provided that it comes from your intention to help.

Please don’t delay moving forward, waiting to figure out exactly what your mission is or what next step to take, or to receive an ironclad guarantee that you’ll succeed. Doing anything that comes from love in your heart will be helpful, much like the ways in which small gifts given to a worthy cause eventually add up to a hefty donation. Start anywhere—just dive in!

Along the way, please take good care of your physical body. It’s a very important tool in your mission. Yet, you, like many Earth Angels may have never had a physical human body before, so you may neglect or abuse it. By feeding it organic foods and beverages, exercising regularly, detoxing, and getting adequate rest, you’ll have more energy for your life purpose.

Focus On Service

Your true self is a creation of love, while your ego is a creation of fear. Your ego’s goals are aimed toward making you feel small, inadequate, and powerless, yet how can a being who’s made in the image and likeness of the Creator be anything but mighty, powerful, and wise?
Your ego knows that if you remember your true spiritual nature (perfect, powerful, creative, and intelligent), it will lose its power to frighten you, so it feeds you lies such as: “If you become powerful, you’ll abuse that power. People won’t like you as much. People will be jealous of
you,” and so on. Please, please don’t listen to the ego! Tell it to go sit in the corner and keep its rantings to itself. Treat it like a buzzing fly, and don’t focus on it.

The angels say, “If you get nervous, focus on service.” Nervousness comes from ego concerns about other people’s opinions. A focus on “How can I bring more love and light to this situation right now?” elicits your higher self’s natural spiritual gifts and power. Remember that the bigger the purpose, the bigger the fear; there’s a correlation. The more people you’ll potentially help, the more force your ego will use to hold you back. Your ego urges you to delay your mission by preparing instead of doing. Your ego says, “First you have to lose weight, make more money, get married, get divorced, move, graduate, get published, open a healing center, and so forth . . . and then you’ll be able to help the world.” That’s nonsense!

Earth Angel, you’re ready right now for your mission! There will never be a day more perfect than today to work on it! Even though you may feel unqualified or unprepared, do it anyway! Author Sheldon Kopp once wrote: “I have never begun any important venture for which I felt adequately prepared.” In other words, you’ll probably never feel completely ready for your mission, so there’s no point in waiting.

Pray for daily assignments that tell you how you can help make Earth a cleaner and more peaceful environment. Your prayers will be answered in the form of opportunities for you to teach and heal. As these doors open for you, please don’t turn and run the other way. You are ready. You deserve to do this beautiful work. And you are qualified . . . now! To learn more about being an Earth Angel and the Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards, and Other Lightworkers see my book, Earth Angel Realms, and online course - Become A Certified Earth Angel Realm Reader.

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