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Yes I Can!

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Yes I Can!

Bring your dreams to life.
Alan Cohen
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May 14, 2011 at 10:00 AM

At a workshop in Erie, Pennsylvania a man told me that he had just gotten an excellent position with a large manufacturer of glass bottles. His job was to develop a design for a double-extruder bottle, a new product for their line.

“They called me a few weeks after the interview to tell me the job was mine,” he explained, “─ but the interesting thing was their explanation of why they chose me for the position. They told me that they had interviewed several candidates, all of whom had more credentials and experience than me. But I was the only one who, when they asked, ‘Can you invent this product?’ answered, ‘Yes.’

I don’t know exactly how I will do it, but there’s one thing I do know: If you can think of a thing, you can bring it to life. Products are the results of thoughts; what the mind can conceive, a man can achieve. You may have to invest some time, love, and money into a project, but all of that will come in the service of drawing that original idea into reality. If you are sufficiently dedicated and concentrated on any goal, it is only a matter of time until you see your dream crystallize into reality.”

You have what it takes to make it. You just need to know the truth about your power. Belief is the vehicle through which power manifests. The word believe comes from two original words: leave be.

What we are willing to leave be, or let be, becomes real. We do not have to create good in our life, for all our good has already been created, and it is waiting for us to claim it. The one who says, “Yes, I can,” is usually the one who gets the job and succeeds at it.

What have you been approaching as “I can’t”? How might you turn it into an “I can”?

I align my beliefs with my possibilities, and my possibilities become realities.

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Alan Cohen
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