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You Are Meant For ‘Something Big’

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You Are Meant For ‘Something Big’

Start Acknowledging Your Calling Today, Says Emily Williams
Emily Williams
Emily Williams More by this author
May 21, 2019 at 04:15 AM

Meant for something big. Meant for something big. Meant for something big.

Do you hear that? It often starts as a whisper; then, just as a flame does if you tend to it and cultivate it, that whisper becomes louder. You become braver. You start to take action. Doors open.

I’ve heard that whisper since I was a young girl, and you can probably relate to what I’m saying too. That whisper comes to you at work – when you’re sitting in the cubicle at 7 p.m., wondering when you’re going to get to go home so you can spend your time doing what you really want to do.

It comes to you when you pass the bookstore and imagine the cover of your own book staring out through the window.

It comes to you when you see your friends taking a trip to Bali and feel a pang of jealousy that you’re not under the verdant palm trees with them. It comes to you when you feel the calling to move to a new city, despite not knowing anyone there.

You probably also feel different. You don’t fit in with your family or your group of friends; they don’t get you. They think your head is in the clouds and that you should just be grateful for what you have.

But you know the truth: you’re meant for something big. You’re meant for more. Your current reality and life right now are most definitely not all that’s in store for you.

Why We Deny Our Something Big

I’ve come to realize over the past few years that most people are in denial about what they’re meant for.

There are women who’ll tell you that they don’t hear a calling at all, but don’t be fooled by them. It’s there, whether they can hear it or not – it’s just that in those moments, the sound is disguised: like one of those whistles that only dogs can hear. Those who can’t hear their calling simply haven’t tuned in enough to themselves and their own heart and intuition, so they miss it.

Similarly, there are people who definitely hear the calling, but they push it away. They are ashamed of the whisper and scared of what it means for them and about them. Much like the tears you hold back when the date doesn’t go as planned, when your boss yells at you in the meeting, or when your parents ask how you’re feeling, you hold back the whisper.

You pretend it isn’t there and assure the world that everything’s fine as it is. You do that in order to fit in. To avoid rocking the boat. To stay safe.

If you’ve denied your ‘something big’ in the past – or if you’re doing it now – just know that there’s nothing wrong with you. Simply put: up until now, you couldn’t help it. The truth is, you’ve been programmed not to show up for years.

Maybe you know you’re meant for something big but you hear the louder voices of your family, society, or even yourself saying you should just be grateful for what you have, and those voices overpower the whisper. They remind you that if you don’t ever put yourself out there, you won’t fail – and that feels, well, much safer than failing.

The issue is that most of us don’t actually know this is happening beneath the surface. We hear the whisper of ‘something more’ and almost simultaneously hear what we deem to be the ‘voice of reason’ – reminding us that we don’t have the money to start the business; that we haven’t been with the company long enough to ask for the raise; or that we don’t deserve the love of the man.

My darling friend, that is not the voice of ‘reason’ – that’s the voice of fear and old programming, and it’s essential you learn to call it like it is and stop believing it. That voice is going to come up throughout this book, and I’m going to teach you exactly how to handle it. But first, think about that calling or whisper.

Are you in denial? Are you listening? Are you ready to answer the call? It’s time.

Forget the ‘How’

Now, you might be saying, ‘Emily, that’s great, but how? I don’t have clarity – I’ve no clue what that “something big” actually is.’ That’s the part that trips you up. That’s the part that makes you doubt everything you feel and causes you to push the whispers away. That’s the part that makes you feel stuck, lost, confused, and even a little crazy.

All I ask of you right now is to put the ‘how’ to one side.

That may sound counterintuitive – you’d never travel across the United States without your Google Maps app and a plan, so why would your goals be any different, right? Well, that’s half correct. But for now, don’t worry about having a specific destination.

All I want is for you to acknowledge the whispers today.

(And by the way, that step alone is more than most people do their entire lifetime, so you’re already ahead of the game!)

Celebrate the fact that you’re already on the path to your most successful life, just by acknowledging your whispers!

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