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You Deserve the Best!

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You Deserve the Best!

Turn toward your greater purpose.
Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Jun 03, 2010 at 10:00 AM

We all go through periods in life where we wonder how we’ll ever achieve our life’s purpose, or whether we even have a purpose. It might feel like something is missing from our lives and we don’t know how to fill that void. Some of us may turn to drugs, unhealthy relationships, or other self-destructive behaviors in an attempt to give our lives meaning. Perhaps we believe that we don’t have the right to ask for more or feel like there isn’t anything more than what we can see in front of us. But each of us does deserve the best that life has to offer.

Changing your mind is the first step to manifesting your best life. Remember that happiness isn’t something that can be found “out there”; it can only come from within, through self-love and acceptance. Learn to love yourself and trust the Divine intelligence within you. The Universe will bring you what you need if you simply allow it.

I hope that the following story of a woman finding meaning in her life will inspire you to see the greater purpose in your own life and motivate you to realize your full potential.

More Than a Survivor, More Than a Rose
by Jeannie, Vice President, Sales, California

My father was drunk again and putting a gun to my head . . . and you can imagine how the rest of the night went. Even though I was only 15 years old, I’d already experienced years of abuse of all kinds. I left home the next morning and never returned. I now consider that most horrible night a blessing, as it gave me the impetus to leave.

I turned out to be a good survivor, staying with the family of a friend from school for two months. Then I found a job at a theater, and a roommate to share an apartment with. I saved my money and bought a used typewriter from Goodwill, determined to get a job in an office and improve my situation. So I worked on my typing skills and lied about my age. I was able to get an office job, using the bus for transportation.

I learned everything I could. After passing my high-school-equivalency exam, I started college at night. Although it took me almost ten years, I eventually got my degree, a B.S. in accounting.

I was good at being a survivor, but poor at picking men—by age 40, I was on my own with four children. I wanted to do more than just survive, and soon attracted a book that changed everything: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

I began to affirm that I could have a great job creating money rather than counting it, and that I’d make plenty of it for all of my family’s needs. Within three months, I was offered a job selling pumps, hard hat and all, and I proved I could excel at sales. My next affirmation was to sell products I loved and believed in. Not only did that opportunity show up (selling Hay House books!), but I’ve been very successful for the last 18 years. While I have a great job and a beautiful home, what’s more important is that I know I am a loved soul, put on the planet to bloom like a rose and be much more than a survivor.

My hope is that I can share my story with young girls and boys so that they can see the importance of never giving up hope. Not only can they make it through their challenges, but they can flourish and realize how very much they are loved.

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Louise Hay
Louise Hay Louise Hay was an inspirational teacher who educated millions since the 1984 publication of her bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, which has more than 50 mill Continue reading