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You’ll Be Okay

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You’ll Be Okay

Cheryl  Richardson
Cheryl Richardson More by this author
Jul 18, 2012 at 02:15 AM 0 comments

While going through some old computer files last week, I found an email I sent to a friend - a woman who needed love and compassion while struggling with a tough situation. Today I'm sending it to you...

Don't worry, you'll be okay
Slowing down is good
Wisdom simmers and steeps and grows with time
Stop pushing yourself

You are enough just as you are
There is no need to perform
Just relax
Let life unfold

You have what it takes to handle anything
Good things come from patience, not pushing
Let space and time reveal something miraculous

Trust life
Accept where you are
Right now
Stop the judgment and internal lectures

Just be here
Don't run or think or eat or scheme
Return to yourself in this moment
Where life is perfect and peaceful and safe


Take Action Challenge
If someone you know needs a comforting message, you might want to forward this blog post.  If you need it, please print it out and consider it a personal message from me sent to you with love.

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