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You’ve Gotta Feel It to Heal It!

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You’ve Gotta Feel It to Heal It!

3 easy ways to open your heart.
Michael  Eisen
Michael Eisen More by this author
Mar 10, 2012 at 09:00 AM

I have a tendency to spend a lot of time in my head, playing around with my thoughts. For the most part I’m conscious of the thoughts that go through my mind and I have ensured that they are supportive, positive, and uplifting. But the challenge I face, especially as my life gets busier, is making sure that I am allowing myself to feel. My ultimate goal is to stay in a healthy balance between my feelings and thoughts, yin and yang, and creativity and intellect.

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time editing and tweaking my  book, Empowered YOUth  that my father and I co-wrote. This has required me to use my head a lot more. As a result, I have begun to feel drained and even unhappy. My body is a wonderful source of guidance and always has a unique way of telling me when something is off. So I took time to disconnect from everyone and everything and be with myself in order to find out what was going on.

To my surprise, the first thing I experienced was an enormous surge of self- love flowing through me. For the first time in a while I felt sustained moments of stillness, peace, and tranquility. This was the gateway back to my heart. I gave myself permission to open my heart more and feel all that was inside. I was thrilled to find so much love, respect, and appreciation waiting to greet me. I had spent a lot of time this past year opening up my heart, and consciously re-programming my thoughts, words, and actions to embody more self-love, respect, and appreciation—but I hadn’t given myself enough time to really FEEL everything.

My unconscious reaction was to immediately try and understand these new feelings and explain it to someone else. Being a speaker, it comes naturally to me to want to talk about and share what I am experiencing. This time around, however, I made a conscious effort to do something different. Instead, I stayed silent and really absorbed all that I was feeling. The experience was truly remarkable! For an entire weekend I spoke very little and allowed myself to feel A LOT more. As a result I integrated a lesson I already knew in my head, but hadn’t yet felt in my heart.

Growing up, I was taught that expressing and feeling emotion was a bad thing or a sign of weakness. I spent a lot of time fighting this belief, but somewhere along the way I gave in. I closed off my heart and began to use my mind the majority of the time.

But in the last few years, I have been dedicated to reopening and awakening my heart from its slumber and giving myself permission to feel my emotions more. This hasn’t been easy, and I’ve fluctuated back and forth a lot. Emotions can be scary, and even painful. However, there is always something empowering that emerges. If we give ourselves permission to feel these emotions long enough, their lessons become clear.

When we allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling—without trying to understand it, explain it, or judge it—we reach a point where the true wisdom reveals itself. I put this into practice in my own life and really experienced the beauty of feeling at a whole new depth. I truly believe that I will now be able to flow from my head into my heart with a lot more ease, compassion, and grace.

I encourage you to try it for yourself. Give yourself permission to feel ALL of your emotions. Have the courage to move through and break down the barriers around your heart, and trust that in the peak of the storm, true wisdom is revealed.

Feeling Fridays

To help us practice feeling our emotions more frequently, I propose making every Friday a “Feeling Friday.” Every Friday, let’s make an effort to get in touch with and express our emotions in a more freeing, healthy and responsible way.

Here are three ways to help you on Feeling Fridays:

Unleash Your Creativity

Creativity is a wonderful gateway to your heart. There are many ways to unleash your creativity. Some options include drawing, painting, acting, singing, dancing, writing and so on. Put aside your routine, think outside the box, and be spontaneous. The more you get your creativity flowing, the easier it will become to feel and express your emotions.

Practice Stillness / Quiet Your Mind

Finding a practice of stillness or meditation is a great way to quiet your mind and open your heart. Whether it is sitting comfortably in silence, listening to a guided meditation CD, taking a nice warm bath, or just staring peacefully out the window, find a practice that feels good for you. The more you are able to find stillness in your life, the more you will begin to feel your emotions more comfortably.

Trigger Your Emotions with Sound and Music

Music has a unique way of triggering all kinds of emotions. If you feel like you need a good cry, put on a song that is melancholy. If you feel like you need more joy, put on an upbeat song that will get you singing along with glee. Try playing around with a musical instrument even if you think you aren’t very good at it. Let yourself play freely. You can also use your own voice. It is amazing how much emotion will surface through simple chanting, singing or sound making.

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Michael  Eisen
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